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期刊: Annual Reports on the Progress of Chemistry  (RSC Available online 1908)
卷期: Volume 5, issue 1  

页码: 291-296




年代: 1908




出版商: RSC


数据来源: RSC



INDEX OF SUBJECTS.Absorption spectra, 83.of hydrocarbons, 131.of nitro- and nitroso-compounds,133.Acetylation of amino-groups, 83.Acridines, synthesis of, 119.Activity, optical, 105.Adrenaline, 238.Adsorption, 29.Alcohol, estimation of, in wine, 206.Aldebaranium, 34.Alizarin, prodGction of, 114.Alkali metals, separation of, 195.Alkaloids, 167.Allotropy of elements, 38.Alloys, 41.Alumina as catalyst, 77.Amido-myelin, 240.Aminoazo-compounds, salts of, 134.Ammonium chloride, dissociation of, 24.halides, crystalline structure of, 265.iodide, equilibrium pressure of, 25.persulphate, use of, in analysis, 182.reactions of, 199.Anwthetics, 171.Analysis, elementary organic, 199.Antimony, estimation of, 191, 194.Apocyniu, synthesis of, 173.Aqueous solutions, 20.Aragonite, crystalline form of, 277.Argon grocp, 60.Aromatic compounds, production of.from hydroaromatie compounds, 111.substances, oxidation of, 111.Arsenic, estimation of, 191.modifications of, derivatives of, 173.Arsine, reactions of, 68.Asymmetric synthesis, 106.Atmosphere, gases of the, 61.Atomic weights, 36.Atropine, synthesis of, 167.apoiltropine, synthesis of, 167.Anrates, preparation of, 63.Axial ratios, 259.Azines, 161.Azoimide, preparation of, 66.Azomethines, 134.Axotobacte.r', nutrition of, 243.Bacteriology of soil, 242.Barium, detection and separation of,separation of, from strontium, 192.percarbonate, 50.sulphate, colloidal, 59.183.Barley, biochemistry of, 207.Benzene, crystalline structure of, 275.Benzeneazo-a-naphthol, p-nitro-, use of,Benzoin, preparation of two opticallyBismuth, atomic weight of, 38.Bistriazoacatic acid, ethyl ester of, 95.Bistriazo-compounds, 95.Bistriazoethane, 95.Boiling point, 25.elevation of, 19.Brazan, synthesis of, 153.Brazilein, constitution of, 152.Brazilin, 150.Brazilinic acid, synthesis of, 152.Bromides, test for, 184.Cadmium, electrolytic separation of,Calcite, crystalline form of, 276.Calcium, properties of metallic, indicator, forms of, 109.estimation of, 192, 195.194.bicarbonate, 64.ferrocyanide, vapour pressure andosmotic pressure of solutions of,16.hypochlorite, preparation of dry, 70.sulphate, double salt3 from, 63.Camphor, synthesis of, 102.isonitroso-, 101.Carbohydrates, 87292 INDEX OF SUBJECTS.Carbon, determination of, in soils, 257.estiniation of, 187.monoxide, absorption of, by culwoussnboxide, iron and steel, 188.chloride solution, 64.estimation of, in air, 196.Carboxonium dyes, 163.Carvenene, 99.isocarvestrene, synthesis of, 97.Caseinogen, 215.Cassiopeium, 34.Catalysis, 74, 82.Cellulose, 88.Cerebrosides, 234.Cerium, estimation of, 192.Chlorates, estimation of, 186.Chlorine, action of silent electric dis-charge on, 41.atomic weight of, 37.Chlorites, detection of, 186.Chlorophyll, 254.Chlorosis, 254.Cholesterol, 231.Choline, 237.Chortosterol, 234.Chromium, complex salts of, 56.Cinchonine, constitution of, 168.Cinchoninone, constitution of, 168.Citric acid, detection of, 207.Claiseu condensation, the, 81.Cobalt, complex salts of, 55.detection of, 182.estimation of, 190.Cobra venom, 234.Cohesion, specific, 27.Colloids, 57.Colour reactions, 198.and constitution, 130.lakes, 121.of salts in solution, 9.Colours, mordant, 121.Columba root, alkaloids of, 169.Colunibamine, 169.Columbium and its compounds, 51.Complex salts, 54.Conduction, rate of, in nerve, 223.Constitution, 31, 32.and colour, 130.Copper, detection of, 183.estjniation of, 189, 194.Couniarin, constitiition of,, the, 147.Coupling, mechanism of, 141, 142.Creatine, 226.Creatinine, 226.Cryst allin e structure, 25 8.Crystals, liqiiid, 274.structure of, 258.detection of, 183estimation of, 190.Cuoiin, 241.Damascenine, constitution of, 167.Desmotropy, 90.Dextrose solutions, osmotic pressure of,Diamond, crystalline structure of, 270.Diazo-compounds, aliphatic, 94.aromatic, 136.Diazo-salts, constitution of, 136.decomposition of, 137.preparation of, 139.Dielectric constants, 110.p - Diinethylaniinoazobenzei~e - o - car!,-oxylic acid, use of, as indicator,185.a-Dioximes, determination of coniignra -tion of, 110.Diphenanthracridine, synthesis of, 120.Dissociation pressures, abnormal, 24.Electrochemical analysis, 193.Electrochemistry, 11.Electronic theory, 4.Electrons, 2.Elements, allotropy of, 38.Eleniicin, 103.Ethyl tartrate, iuflueuce of solvents cjnEsterification, 82.Eutropic series, 267.Expansion, coefficient of, 2 i .Fats, analysis of, 203.Fenchone, constitution of, 101.Fermentation, alcoholic, 88.Ferrocyanides, analysis of, 201.Ferrous salts, estimation of, 189.Fertilisers, action of, 255.Flavanthren, 158.Flavone group, the, 149.Fluorescence, relation of, and colonr,Fluorine, determination of, 186.Freezing point, depression of, 19.Friedel and Crafts' reaction, 80.15.evolution of the,, 34.optical activity of, 108.rate of, of acids, 83.130.(:as analysis, 196.apparatus for, 196.Glncose, constitution of, 87.Glycogen, 224.Gold, colloidal, 58.detection of, 184.Graphite, colloidal, 57.Grigiiard reaction, 77.Growth of plants, cheniical changesduring, 252.Clnanylic acid, 219INDEX OFHEmatein, constitutioii of, 153.Hsmatoxylin, constitution of, 150.use of, as indicator, 185.Hsmatoxylinio acid, constitution of,Halogens, separation of, 185.Helium, detection of, 182.Heterocatenic systems, 84.Holoqiiinoids, 124.Homocatenic systems.84.Hydrazine, formation and oxidation of,Hydrazones, 140.Hydrindones, synthesis of, 117.Hydrocarbons, absorption spectra of,behaviour of, a t high temperatures,coloured, preparation of, 129.cyclic, reactions of, 111.Hydrogen, atomic weight of, 36.preparation of, 62.peroxide, detection of, in air, 196.persulphides, 53.Hydrogenation, 75.Hydrolysis, measurement of, 23.Hydroxyazo-compounds, 140.constitution of salts of, 146.Hydroxylan,ates, 67.Hydroxylamine, 66.Hydroxylic compounds, formation ofHypochlorites, detection of, 186.Iminazoles, sguthesis of, 117.lmino-esters, hydrolysis of, 83.Indazoles, synthesis of, 116.Indicators, theory of, 184.Indigoid dyes, 156.Indigotin, 156.separation of iron from, 190.Indium selenate, 64.Indole, detection of, in pus, 209.Inorganic substances, indexing of, 33.Iodates, estimation of, 186.Iridium, complex salts of, 54.oxides of, 72.use of, for crncibles, 195.Iron, coniplex salts of, 56.detection of, in presence of copper,estimation of, 190.rusting of, tl.Isomeric change, 89.Isomorphism, 268.Jateorrhizine, 169.Jecorin, 241.Kephalin, 239.152.liquefaction of, and decomposition of, 48.aromatic, 113.190.S UI3 J ECTS.293Kerasin, 235.lietens, 84.Ketones. amino-, preparation of, 114.&Ketonic esters, synthesis of, 79.classification of, 85.Lead, atomic weight of, 38.Lecithin, 236.Lipoids, 229..Liquids, crystalline, 103.Lithium, separation of, from othw alkaliLymphocytes, 222.estimation of, 188.metals, 192.Magnesium, colloidaj salts of, 59.Malt analysis, 207.soluble nitrogen compounds in, 253.Manganese, detection of, 183.estimation of, 192.Manures, 255.Mass, conservation of, 3.Mercui ic chloride, detection of, in nitro-cellulose, 183.Mercury, coniplex salts of, 57.estimation of, 188.vapour, detection of, in air, 196.Meriquinoids, 124.Mesotropy, 90.Metabolism, 220.Metals, catalytic action of, 74.preparation of colloidal, 58.rapid electrolytic separation of, 194.Metanil-yellow, use of, as indicator, 185.Metastable state, 26.Methane, synthesis of, 84.Methyl alcohol, detection of, in ethylalcohol, 198.a-Methylcamphor, 102.%Methylcarvenene, 100.Methylethylaniline oxide, resolution of,108.Methylsparteine, 169.Migration, 92.Milk, analysis of, 208.Molecular constitution, 38.volume, 28.weight, 28.Molybdenite, new element from, 35.Molybdenum, complex salts of, 56.Morpholquinone, synthesis of, 16s.Naphtho-blue, 164.Neodymium, detection of, 184.Nickel, detection of, 182.estimation of, 190, 194.Nipponinm, 35.Nitric acid from the atmosphere, 67.Nitrides, 65.Nitrification, 244294 INDEX OFNitrites, production of, from atmos-Nitro-compounds, aromatic, reductionNitrogen, determination of, in scils,pheric nitrogen, 67.of, 112.257.fixation of, 242,peroxide, detection of, in air, 196.Nucleic acid, 218.Nutrition, chemistry of animal, 255.Oils, analysis of, 203.Optical activity, 106,Origanene, 100.Osmotic pressure, 13.Oxazines, 160.Oxidation of aromatic substances,Oxides, reduction of, 43.Oximes, formation of, 83.Oxonium salts, 154,156.Ozone, detection of, in air, 196.Ozonides, 93.formation of, 49.111.Palladium, atomic weight of, 38.colloidal, 58.hydrated sesquioxide of, 46.Palmatine, l i 0 .Paraffins, niolecular volumes of nor-Perchlorates, crystalline structure of,Periodates, estimation of, 186.Permanganates, crystalline structure of,264.Peroxides, 47.Per-salts, 47.Perstannatcs, 51.Persulphates, formation and reactionsof, 51.a-Phellandrene, synthesis of, 100.Phenolphthalein, 184.Phenols, chlorination aud broiniiiationPhenophen an t hracridine, syn tliesi s of,Phosphates, detection of, i n minerals,Phosphatideq, 880, 235.Phosphoric acid, estimation of, 187.Phosphorus, estimation of9 187, 196,mal, 2i3.264.of, 128.120.184.forms of, 40.and its compounds, glowing of, 67.sulphides, 68.Photochemical reactions, 12.Photochemistry, 11.Phrenosin, 235.Physical properties, relations between,Picric acid, estimation of, 201.Plasteina, 217.26.IUBJECTI'S.Piatinuxn, detection of, 184.Polyhalides, 54.Polypeptides, 170.Potassium, precipitation of, as cobal ti-nitrite, 192.nitrate, crystalline form of, 277.Praseodymium, detection of, 184.I'ropiolic acid, synthesis of, 79.Protagon, 234.Protein nomenclature, 212.Proteins, reactions of, 205.Protons, 1.Pruneaiiilide, constitation of, 160.Pyranol salts, 154.Quinones, 122.synthesis of, 123.Racemates, triboluminescence of, 13.Radium, atomic weight of, 64.Rare earths, 60.Reactions, mechanisni of, 74.Red lead, assay of, 188.Reduction of aromatic nitro-compounb,preparation of, from pitchblende, 64.112.of osides, 43Rcfractorneter, use of, 206.Reinite, new element froin, 35.Rennin, 215.Resorubin, 185.Respiration, 221.Rhodium, complex salts of, 55.use of, for crucibles, 195.Ring formation, 114.synthesis of a seven-membered, 120.Rings, formation of five-membered, 117.heterocyclic, coiitaining oxygen, 147.Rongalite, constitiition of, 178.Rosamine, 164.Rosaniline group, the, 164.isoRosindone, constitution of, 162.Rosocyanin, 185.Rotatory power, effect of electrolytes andRuthenium, detection of, 1%.non-electrolytes on, 24.Salts, colour of, in solution, 9.Santene, constitution of, 101.Secretin, 238.Selenates, crystalline form of alkali,265.Selenium ~onipounds, organic, 179.Selenoniuni derivatives, 179.Sensitisers, theory of, 12.Sewage, analysis of, 197.Silica as catalyst, 77.Silicon componnds, organic, 175.complex, 54.estimation of, i n acetylene, 196INDEX OF SUBJECTS.295Silver, colloidal, 58.detection of, 183, 184.estimation of, 188.photochemistry of, 56.halides, separation of, 186.chloride, solubility of, in mercuricnitrate solution, 186.iodide, crystalline structure of, 277.Skraup’s reaction, use of, 118.Soda-cellulose, 89.Sodium nitrate, Crystalline forin of, 276.perborate, 51.percarbonates, 50.peroxide in qualitative analysis, usechemistry of, 246.physics of, 250.Solutions, aqueous, 20.freezing-point depression and con-of, 181.Soil, bacteriology of, 243.ductivity of mixed, 24.Sparteine, constitution of, 169.Spectra, band, 8.Spectroscopy, 8.Sphingo-myelin, 240.Starch, estimation of, 201Steel, analysis of, 191.Steric hindrance, 83.Stilbene compounds, synthesis of, 112.Strontium, separation of, from barium,Sucrose solutioiis, osmotic pressure of,Sugar, r81e of, in muscular activity, 225.Sugars, analysis of, 202.Sulphates, crystalline form of alkali,Sulphination, 177.Sulphinic acids, aromatic, constitutionSulphur, atomic weight of, 38.192.14.reactions of, 199.265.of, 178.colloidal, 57.estimation of, 186, 196.nature of molten, 39.compounds, cyclic,, 176.purification of, 68.Sulphuric acid, manufacture of, 69.Surface tension, 27.Synthesis, asymmetric, 106.Tannin, estimation of, 207.Tartaric acid, estimation of, 207.Tautomerisni, 89.Telliirium, atomic weight of, 37.estimation of, 187.compounds, organic, 179.Terpene group, the, 97.synthesis of, of the five-carbon series,98.Terpenes, bicyclic, 100.Terpin, synthesis of, of the five-carbonseries, 98,Terpinene, 99.Terpineol, synthesis of, of the five-Terpineols, synthesis of two opticallyTetrahydrocarbazole, synthesis of, 119.Tetrathionic acid, constitution of, 53.Tetrazines, synthesis of, 96.Thallium, estimation of, 183.Therapeutic agents, synthetical, 171.Thianthren, constitution of, 177.Thienyl derivatives, synthesis of, 79.Thioacetic acid, use of, i n analysis, 182.Thiocoumarin, constitution of, 149.Thioindigo dyes, 157.Thionaphthen compounds, 157.Thiopyrine, constitution of, 166,Thiosulphates, preparation of dry, 69.Thorianite, new element in, 35.Tin, estimation of, 191.Titanium di-iodide, 46.Toxins in plants, 246.Transport numbers, 20.Triazoacetaldehyde, 94.Triazoacetone, 94.Triazoacetylhydrazide, 95.Triazo-compounds, aliphatic, 94.Triazoethyl alcohol, 94.‘Criboluminescence, 1 3.Trimethylbrazilin, 150.Triphenylmethyl, constitution of, 135.Tungsten, estimation of, 193.coniplex salts of, 56.Umbellulone, constitution of, 100.Valency, 32.relation between, and volume, 271.volumes, law of, 271.Vanadium, estimation of, 190.compounds, 46.Victoria-blue R., 165.Viper venom, 234.Viscosity of solutions of rscemic salts,carbon series,, oxide of, 48.oxide, T1,0,, 195.scarlet, 158.refraction and dispersion of, 95-110.of tautonieric substances, 91.Ulalden inversion, 109.Water analysis, 197.Waters, radioactivity of thermal, 62.Zinc, detection of, 182.estimation of, in f’ocds, 208.electrolytic estiniatioii of, 195RICHARD CLAY AND SONS, LIMITEDBREAD ST.HILL, E.C., ANDBUNCAY, SUFFOLK


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