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期刊: Annual Reports on the Progress of Chemistry  (RSC Available online 1945)
卷期: Volume 42, issue 1  

页码: 278-291




年代: 1945




出版商: RSC


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INDEX O F SUBJECTS.Acetaldehyde, spectrum of, infra-red, 20.Acetic acid, infra-red analysis of, inmixtures with its anhydride, 14.interconversion of, with acetoacetic acid,206.lead salt, oxidation by, 93, 143.metabolism of, in tissues, 206.oxidation in, 208.Acetic acid, amino-, nickel salt, di-hydrate, crystal structure of, 60.Acetoacetic acid, condensation of, withoxaloacetic acid, 208.interconversion of, with acetic acid, 206.metabolism of, oxidation in, 208.Acetophenone, p-bromo-, reduction of, toAcetyl phosphatase, 198.Acetylene, preparation of furans from, 157.Acetylenedxarboxylic acid, ethyl ester,condensation of, with furan-2-valericacid, 160.Acids, fatty, and their esters, heat offilms, structure of, 32.frictional properties of, on metals, 34.higher, metabolism of, 212.ethylbenzene, 101.phosphate, properties of, 199.adsorption of, on steel, 34.synthesis of, from acetate, 213.Aconitase, 204.Acrylic acid, methyl ester, polymerisationof, 148.Adamantane, crystal structure of, 62.Adenine nucleotide co-enzymes, 95, 175.transport, 179.Adenosine diphosphate, 178.preparation of, 178.preparation of, 178.Adenosine-6’-phosphoric acid, derivatives,phosphate transfer by, 175.Adenylic acid, muscle, 175, 177.Adipic acid, crystal structure of, 61.nucleotides as co-enzymes of hydrogentriphosphate, 176.preparation of, 171.structure of, 48.Adiponitrile, impurity in, 17.Adrenals, biochemistry of, 214.cholesterol in, 229.removal of.See Adrenalectomy.yield of sterols from, 222.Adrenal cortex, biochemistry of, 214.extracts, assay of, 218.secretory activity of, control of, 228.steroids, administration of, to adrenal-ectomised or normal animals, 225.biological precursors of, 229.fate of, in body, 230.isolation of, 219.physiological action of, 222.278Adrenal extracts, preparation and pro-Adrenalectomy, results of, 214.Adrenaline, effect of, on adrenal chole-Adrenocorticotropin, 228.effect of, on adrenal cholesterol, 229.Aero-engines, foam formation in lubricat-Alanine, separation of, from valine, 98.#.?-Alanine, preparation of, 97.Alcohols, catalytic action of, in reductionAlizarin-S, boron detn.with, 260.Alkali halides, crystals, as prisms, 10.Alkaloids, isolation of, from totaquine, 98.Alkylbenzenes, autoxidation of, 136.Alkyl 1 : 4-dibromides, preparation of,Alloys, bearing, theory of, 27, 28.Aluminium, detn.of, with quinosol orseparation of, from gallium, 263.Aluminium alloys, detn. in, of copper, 256.Aluminium monofluoride, 89.halides, structure of, 68.nitrate, decomposition of, 86.monoxide, 89.sulphites, 86.Amines, cobalt complexes with, 71.phosphorylation of, 104.Amino-acids, basic, separation of, frombehaviour of, on ion exchange resins, 97.crystal structure of, 59.detn. of, isotopic dilution, 254.colorimetrically , 25 1.enzymatically, 254.microbiologically, 253.from protein hydrolysis, 247.from wool protein hydrolysates, separ-ation of, blood group A substance, 233.intermediary metabolism of, 197.separation of, 98.electrolytically, 249.spectra of, infra-red, 18.190.condensation of, 188.oximes, 190.102.perties of, 218.sterol, oil in, 42.processes, 102.films, structure of, 32.metals, chemistry of, 65.171.superol, 257.protein hydrolysates, 97.a-Amino-acids, pyrazine syntheses from,a-Amino-carbonyl compounds, self-Aminofurans, 164.z-Amino-ketones, formation of, fromAmmonia, reduction by alkali metals inINDEX OF SUBJECTS.279Amontons’ law, 27.Amplifiers, alternating-current, 8.Analeptics, pyrazines as, 194.Analysis, chromatographic, 98.inorganic, organic reagents for, 255.spectroscopic, infra-red, 11.Analytical chemistry, 247.Androgens, detn.of, in urine, 230.of adrenal cortex, 230.Androstane-3 : 1 l-diol- 17-One, isolation of,from urine, 230.Anhydrocorticosterones, structure of, 224.Aniline molybdate, nickel detn. with, 261.Anilines, substituted, infra-red analysis of,Animal viruses, constitution of, 243.Anisole, p-nitro-, conversion of, to anilineAnnellation, 123.Anorexia in adrenalectomy, 214.Anthranilic acid, sodium salt, cadmiumand zinc detn. with, 261.Anthraquinone - 1 - azo - 4 - dimethylamine,lead detection with, 256.Antibodies, release of, controlled byadrenal substances, 228.Anti-foaming agents in lubricating oil, 42.Antimony triphenyl, crystal structure of,Anti-oxidants for lubricating oils, 41.Antispasmodics, pyrazines as, 195.Arginine, detn. of, 252.Arsenic trihydride, metallic derivatives of,Artichokes, Jerusalem, fructose syrupAscaridole, 142.Atomic weights, determination of, 65.Autoxidation, 13 1.inhibitors of, 93.Auxochromes, definition of, 117.interaction of, with chromophores, 117.ultra-violet absorption of, 118.Azoimide, decomposition of, by activeBacteria, filtrates, spreading or diffusingoxidation of pyruvic acid by, 198.Barium nitrate, decomposition of, 86.orthosilicate, crystal structure of, 52.Basophily of ribonucleic acid, 241.Bathochromic effect, 117.Bearing alloys, 27, 28.Beer’s law, validity of, 107.Benzaldehyde, reduction of, to toluene,Benzaldehyde, p-chloro-, reduction of, toBenzene, purification of, from thiophen,spectrum of, absorption, ultra-violet,Benzene, bromo-, reduction of, to benzene,14.and p-anisidine, 102.62.64.triphenyl, crystal structure of, 62.from, 96.nitrogen, 91.factor in, 238.101.toluene,, trichloro-, in lubricating oil, 42.nitro-, catalytic reduction of, 99.dinitro-, friction of, 29.Benzeneazoresorcinol, p-nitro-, berylliumdetection with, 259.Benzene-3 : 5-disulphonic acid, 1 : 2-di-hydroxy-, disodium salt, iron detn.with, 258.Benzofuroxan, 4 : 6-dinitro-, potassiumdetection and detn.with, 264.Benzoic acid, 5-bromo-Z-amino-, copperdetn. with, 258.m-chloro-, reduction of, to benzoic acid101.formate, 191.Benzoin, reaction of, with ammoniumBenzophenone, friction of, 29.5 : 6-Benzoquinoline, germanium detn.p-Benzoquinone, spectrum of, absorption,Benzoylacetic acid.ethyl ester, reductionBeryllium, detn. of, reagents for, 259.O-,%Biotin, 94, 165.Biotin methyl ester, conversion of, intodethiobiotin methyl ester, 100.2 : 5 - Bisacetoxymethyltetrahydrofuran,conversion of, into 1 : 2 : 5 : 6-tetra-acetoxyhexane, 173.reaction of, with hydrogen bromide,172.with, 263.ultra-violet, 121.of, to ethyl /3-phenylpropionate, 103.Bis-( 5 -formylfuryl-2) -mercury, 166.Bisfurylmercury, 166.2 : 5 - Bishydroxymethyltetrahydrofuran,Bismuth, detn of, reagents for, 259.Bismuth triphenyl, crystal structure of,Black tongue, treatment of, with pyrazine-Blood, groups, A factor, 231.transfusion, technique of, 231.Bolometers, 6, 9.Bonds, protonated double, 67.Boron, detn.of, reagents for, 260.Boron trichloride, sulphur trioxide com-halides, additive compounds of, 67, 80.hydrides, structure of, 67.monoxide, 88.Brass, detn. in, of iron, 258.Bromoform, rearrangement of, in presenceButadiene, condensation of, to Buna, 18.production of, 171.spectrum of, absorption, infra-red, 20.Butadienes, nitro-, spectra of, absorption,Butanes, isomeric, infra-red analysis of,cycbButane, spectrum of, infra-red, 20.Butane-1 : g-diol, dehydration of, 162.167.separation of, from lead, 256.62.carboxylic acids, 194.pound of, 81.of catalysts, 77.ultra-violet, 113.ultra-violet, 115.14280 INDEX OF SUBJEClTS.Butanethiol, 4-hydroxy-, conversion of,But-2-ene-1 : 4-di01, dehydration of, 162.5-Butylfurans, 5-tetruhydroxy-, 158.2-Butyltetrahydrofuran, 3'-hy droxy -, 167.But-2-yne-1 : 4-di01, production of, andits hydrogenation products, 162.Butyric acid, liver glycogen from, 213.dl-Butyric acid, a-amino-, copper salt,crystal structure of, 60.Cadmium, detn.of, reagents for, 261.separation of, from copper and zinc,Cadmium cyanide, crystal structure of, 52.subiodide, 89.Casium fluosulphonate, X-ray structureCalcium, detn. of, reagents for, 263.Calcium fluoride, crystals, as prisms, 10.into thiophan, 170.257.of, 52.subhalides, 89.nitrate, decomposition of, 86.polysulphides, 65.vanadates, 83.furans from, 158.intermediary metabolism of, 197.metabolism of, in adrenalectomy, 215.Carbon, active, catalytic action of, inCarbonatopentamminocobaltic salts,Carbonyl chromophore, effect of auxo-compounds, reduction of, to methyleneCarbohydrates, chromatography of, 99.complex formation, 72.structure of, 73.chromes on, 11 8.compounds, 100, 103.Carboxylase, oxalosuccinic, 204.Carminic acid, lead detection with, 256.Carotenoids, spectra of, absorption ultra-Casein, hydrolysis of, by papain, 248.Catalase, hydrogen peroxide decompositionCatalysts for furan production, 168.for furfuraldehyde reduction, 167.for preparation of silicon alkyl and arylhalides, 76.palladium, 103.polymerisation, 149.Raney nickel, 99, 100, 101,- 103.surface-active, in complex formation,reduction, 99.violet, 113,, 148.72.Catalytic oxidation, 146, 150.Catechol, reaction of phosphorus oxy-Cells, photo-electric, absorption, 11.chloride with, 104.physiological, cytoplasm of, 240.division of, and growth, 246.nuclei, 244.nucleoli, 245.proliferation of, stimulation of, bychromatin, 245.Cellulose esters and ethers, spectra of,infra-red, and structure, 18.Ceric sulphate, complexes of, 74.Chalcopyrite, crystal structure of, 50.Charcoal, decomposition by, of amino-acids, 249.Chloranil, dehydrogenation by, in xylene,156.Chlorates, oxidation by, in presence ofcatalysts, 151.Chloride films as lubricants, 37.5-Chlorobromamine acid, zirconium detn.with, 262.Chloroform, rearrangement of, in presenceof catalysts, 77.Chlorophosphonic acid, dibenzyl ester,preparation and reactions of, 103.A1:4-Cholestadien-3-one, spectrum of,absorption, ultra-violet, 12 1.Cholesterol, synthesis of, from acetate,in the body, 229.Cholesteryl iodide, crystal structure of,47, 52.Chromatin, 245.Chromatogram, partition, 248, 249.two-dimensional, 2 4 9.Chromatography, 98.Chromium carbides, 84.213.halides, equilibrium of, with iron, 84.trioxide, catalytic action of, in hydrogenfour or more conjugated, ultra-violetinteraction of, with auxochromes, 117.single, ultra-violet absorption of, 112.three conjugated, ultra-violet absorptiontwo conjugated, ultra-violet absorptiontwo cumulated, ultra-violet absorptiontwo isolated, ultra-violet absorption of,ultra-violet absorption of, 110, 11 1.peroxide decomposition, 146.Chromophores, definition of, 117.absorption of, 116.of, 115.of, 114.of, 115.113.Chromosomin, 244.Chromous iodide, hydrazine complexes of,preparation and properties of, 64.Cinchonine, tungsten detn.with, 260.Citric acid, formation of, from aceto-acetate and oxalogcetate, 208.GoCitric dehydrogenase, 205.Citrogenase, 208.Coal, and its extracts, spectra of, infra-red,Coatings, corrosion-resistant, in engines,Cobalt, detn. of, reagents for, 261.Cobalt organic compounds, complex, withCobal tammines, polarographic reductionCobaltous hydroxide, oxidation of, 64.Codehydrogenases, structure of, 180.Co-enzymes, adenine nucleotide, 175.of hydrogen transport, 179.Colour, measurement of,, 71.of, 74INDEX OF SUBJECTS.281Compounds, complex, chemistry of, 70.of, 73.Co-ordinate link, 66.Cophosphorylase, yeast, 179.Copper as catalyst in preparation of siliconorganic halides, 76.detn. of, in steel, 257.reagents for, 256.separation of, from cadmium and zinc,257.slid on lubricated platinium, 24.slid on steel, 24.surface film on, 22.Copper chromite, catalytic action of, 167.citrate, complexes of, compounds, chelate, with alde-tartrate, complexes of, 74.structure of, 48.coloured, spectrophotometer in studyhydes and diketones, 70.Cori ester. See Glucose l-phosphate.Coronene, crystal structure of, 57.Corticosterone, structure of, 221.Corticosterone, 7-hydroxy-, structure of,Cozymase, structure of, 180.Crepin, crystal structure of, 62.Cresylic acid, infra-red analysis of, 14.Crystals, friction of, 28.Crystallography, 4 6.Cubanite, crystal structure of, 52.Cupric salts as autoxidation catalysts, 152.Cystine, detn.of, 251.Cytochemistry, 240.Cytochrome c reductase, 205.Cytoplasm, 240.enzymes of, 242.particulate components of, 242.self-duplication of particles of, 243.221.Decalin, autoxidation of, 141.trans-Decaly19-hydroperoxide, 141.Decarboxylase, specificity of, for amino-1 1 -Dehydrocorticosterone, structure of,11 -Dehydrocorticosterone, 17-hydroxy-,Dehydrogenase, isocitric, 205.succhic, in cytoplasm, 242.Deoxycorticosterone acetates, crystal1 l-Deoxycorticosterone, structure of, 221.1 l-Deoxycorticosterone, 17-hydroxy-,Deoxyribonucleic acid, in cell nucleus, 244.Detectors for infra-red analysis, 6, 15, 16.Deuteracetaldehyde, spectrum of, infra-Deuterethanes, isotopic, infra-red analysisDeuterium as label element for amino-Deuteromethanes, isotopic, infra-redacids, 254.221.structure of, 221.structure of, 62.structure of, 221.synthesis of, in organism,, 20.of, 13.acids, 254.analysis of, 13.Deuteromethane, nitro-, spectrum of,Di(adenosine-5’-phosphoric acid), 179.Diamond, friction of, on metals, 28, 29.trans-Dibenzoylmethylethylene, cyclis-ation of, to 2 : 5-diphenyl-3-methyl-furan, 160.Dibenzyl, crystal structure of, 47, 56.Diborane, structure of, 67.3 : 4-Di(carbethoxyamino)-2-methylfuran,164.a-Dicarbethoxyglutaconic acid, ethyl ester,dimers, crystal structure of, 57.ay-Dicarbomethoxyglutaconic acid, methylester, dimer, crystal structure of, 57.a-Dicarbonyl compounds, ultra-violetabsorption of, 114.Dienes, conjugated, autoxidation of, 142.Diethyl dithiocarbamate, copper detn.with, 256.peroxide, thermal decomposition of, 141.sulphide, complexes of, with rhodiumhalides, 75.trans - NN’- Diethyl- NN’ - cfimethylpiper-azinium diiodide, trans-di-p-chloro -,61.2 : 5-Diethylpyrazine, 189.Diguanide sulphate, nickel detn.with, 261.Dihydrodiphosphopyridine nucleotide,Dihydrofarnesene hydroperoxide, 132.Dihy droflavin-adenine dinucleotide, 1 86.Dihydrofuran, 162.2 : 3-Dihydrofuran, 94, 169.Dihydrotriphosphopyridine nucleotide,Diketones, preparation of, 174.j3-Djketones, copper complexes with, 70.antz - 1 : 5 - Di - ( p - methoxyphenyl) - 5 -hydroxyambo-3-oximino- l-pentene,tungsten detn.with, 261.2 : 5-Dimethyl-3 : 6-diamylpyrazine, 188.2 : 5 - Dimethyl - 3 : 6 - diisobutylpyrazine,189.2 : 5-Dimethyl-3 : 6-dipropylpyrazine, 189.2 : 5-Dimethylfuran, formation of, fromDimethylglyoxime, nickel detn. with, 261.with hydrazine hydrochloride, iron detn.2 : 5-Dimethylpyrazine, properties of,3 : 6-Dimethylpyrazine, 2-amino-, 195.Dimethylsemiquinone, spectrum of, ab-sorption, ultra-violet, 121.2 : 5-Dimethyltetrahydrofuran, conversionof, into 2 : 5-dimethylthiophan, 170.2 : 5-Dimethylthiophan, formation of,from 2 : 5-&methyltetrahydrofuran,170.Diphenyl oxide, hezachloro-, in lubricatingoil, 42.sulphide, conversion of, into benzene,100.infra-red, 19.surface structure of, 22.184.181.propenylethynylcarbinol, 16 1.with, 259.192.synthesis of, 188282 INDEX OF SUBJECTS.Diphenyl disulphide, pp’-dichloro-, insulphone, conversion of, into benzene,sulphoxide, conversion of, into benzene,Diphenylcarbazide, lead detection by, 256.Diphenylene, crystal structure of, 58.structure of, 48.3 : 6 - Di - - phenylethyl- 2 : 5 - dimethyl -pyrazine, from benzylidenediacetyloxime, 189.2 : B-Diphenyl-3-rnethylfura11, formationof, from trans-dibenzoylmethyl-ethylene, 160.lubricating oil, 42.100.100.Diphenylmethane hydroperoxide, 137.Equations, extinction coefficient, 12.Equilibria, heterogeneous, 81.Ergosterol peroxide, 142.Esters, spectra of, infra-red, 17.2-Ethoxy-5-methyl-5-ethyl-2 : 5-dihydro-2-Ethoxy-2-methyltetrahydrofuran, 3-Ethylbenzene, autoxidation of, 138.Ethylene, spectrum of, infra-red, 20.Ethylenes, fluoro-, spectra of, infra-red,Ethylenediamine, silver chromate complex,Ethylenedithiol ethers, cleavage of, withfuran, 162.chloro-, 162.hydroperoxide, reagent for metals, 263.Diphosphopyridine nucleotide, 183.2 : 5-Diisopropylpyrazine, 189.Diisopropylsalicylic acid, zinc salt, inlubricating oil,’-Dipropylsuccinic acid, ethyl ester,hydrogenation of, 162.3 : 4-Dipropyltetrahydrofuran, 163.aa’-Dipyridyl, ferrous sulphate complex,cadmium detn. with, 262.Dithiocarbonamides, copper detectionDithioglycollic acid, conversion of, intoDithio-oxamide.See Rubeanic acid,Dithizone, bismuth detn. with, 259.iron detn. with, 258.with, 256.acetic acid, 100.copper detn. with, 257.lead detn. with, 255.zinc detection with, 262.Dodecane-2 : 5 : 8 : ll-tstraone, 174.Dodecane-2 : 5 : 1 l-trione, 174.Drying, effect of, on physical properties,Dyes, quinonoid, oxidation-reduction rc-63.actions of, 154.spectra of, absorption, infra-red, 19.ultra-violet, 129.Elaidic acid, autoxidation of, 135.Electricity, frictional, 30.Electrons, mobile, 108.u Electrons, 109.T Electrons, 108.Encephalomyelitis virus, equine, 243.Energy, rotational and vibrational, inter-Engines, internal-combustion, abrasivemetallurgical structure in, in relation toof cytoplasm, 242.oxidation by, 147.action of, 19.lubrication of, 38.wear, 40.and corrosive wear of, 39.Enzymes, in cell nucleus, 244.Epoxides, formation of, from olefins, 136.-chromes on, li9.‘aP-Ethylenic compounds, ultra-violetabsorption of, 113.4-Ethyloct-4-en- l-yn-3-01, conversion of,into 5-methyl-3-ethyl-2-propylf11ran,161.Euchromatin, 245.Eugenol, conversion of, into dihydro-Euphol, separation of, from euphorbium,a-Euphorbol, separation of, from euphor-Explosives, liquid and solid, initiation of,Extinction coefficient, equation for, 12.Extinction curves, detn. of, 107.eugenol, 101.98.bium, friction, 45.Fats, intermediary Jlcetabolism of, 197.metabolism of, in adrenalectomy, 216.Fenton’s reaction, 94.Ferrous chloride, anhydrous, equilibriumhydroxide, heat of combustion of, to U-of, with hydrogen sulphide, 83.ferric oxide, 65.Feulgen nuclear reaction, 244.Fibres, natural, friction of, 29.Films, surface, structure of, 22.thickness and structure of, 31.Flavin-adenine dinucleotide, 186.Flavoproteins, 243.Flow-pressure between metals, 26.Fluoboric acid, acetyl derivative, 81.Formols in lubricating oil, 42.5-Formylfurans, 158.Fourier series method, 47.Friction, 20.chemical decomposition by, 43.initiation of explosives by, 45.kinetic and static, 26.kinetic, using lubricants, 31.sliding, electrostatic component of, 30,speed of, in lubrication, 33.static, between surfaces, using lubri-cants, 30.theory of, 21.Fructose syrup from Jerusalem artichokes,96INDEX OF SUBJECTS.283Furan, spectrum of, infra-red, 20.Furans, 157.conversion of, into pyrroles and thio-phens, 169.hydrogenation of, 94, 166.preparation of, 94.from acetylene, 157.ring fission in, 95, 171.Furan mercurials, 165.Furan-2 : 5-dicarboxylic acid, 159.Furan-2 : 3 : 5-tricarboxylic acid, 159.Furan-2-valeric acid, condensation of,with ethyl acetylenedicarboxylate,160.Furfuraldehyde, catalytic decompositionof, 168.hydrogenation of, with copper chromiteand nickel-cobalt catalysts, 167.hydrogenolysis of, 174.Furfuryl alcohol, catalytic decompositionof, 168.preparation of, from furfuraldehyde, 168.Furfurylamine, preparation of, 167.Furfurylideneacetaldehyde, hydrogenationFurfurylideneacetone, hydrogenation of,Fury1 cyanide, hydrogenation of, 167.Furylchloroarsines, 165.Fuse1 oil, pyrazines in, 188.Gallium, separation of, from aluminium,263.Gammexane, production of, infra-rodanalysis of benzene hexachloridesformed in, 14.Gases, GLms, effect of, on metallic friction,32.Gastric juice, blood group substances in,234.Geranylamine hydrochloride, crystalstructure of, 47, 54.Germanium, detn.and separation of,reagents for, 262, 263.Germanium trichloroisocyanate, 78.Glass, friction of, 29.lubricated by fatty acid film, 31.Gliotoxin, crystal structure of, 62.Globsr rod, 11.Glucose, absorption of, from intestines inadrenalec tomy, 217.Glucose l-phosphate, preparation andpurification of, 97.N - Glucosido - 1 : 2 - dihydronicotinamide,183.Glutamic acid, detn.of, enzymes, 247.Glycerol, distillation of, with ammoniumsalts, 191.Glycine, detn. of, 251.Glycogen, liver and muscle, effect on, ofa-Glycols, oxidation of, with lead tetra-of, 167.167.action of ammonia on, 191.adrenal steroids, 226.with periodic mid, 146.acetate, 144.Glycollic acid, oxidation of, in presence ofGold cyanide, crystal structure of, 52.Growth, animal, effect on, of adrenaIHafnium, detn. of, with l-phenyl-3-Halogen oxy-acids, chemistry of, 67.Halogens, detn. of, in organic compounds,6-Halogenobutyl esters, preparation of,a-Halogeno-ketones, action of ammoniaHeat, frictional, decomposition by, 44.0 - Hetero bio tin, 1 65.Heterochromatin, 245.Heterocyclic compounds, spectra of, ab-sorption, nltra-violet, 128.A1:3-cycloHexadiene, spectrum of, ab-sorption, ultra-violet, 120.A1Z5 -Hexadiene- 1 : 1 : 3 : 3 : 4 : 4 : 6 : 6 -octacarboxylic acid, ethyl and methylesters, crystal structure of, 57.Hexafluorodisiloxane, 79.Hexamethylisocyanidoferrous chloride tri-hydrate, 48, 49.Hexamethylenetetramine, with triethanol-amine, iron removal with, in analysis,259.Hexamminocobaltic chloride, preparationof, with active carbon as catalyst, 72.n-Hexane, as solvent in spectroscopy, 107.spectrum of, absorption, in solution andin gas phase, 109.cycZoHexane, infra-red analysis of, mixedwith cyclohexanone, 14.spectrum of, infra-red, 20.cycZoHexanediones, spectra of, absorption,ultra-violet, 120.cycZoHexanone, infra-red analysis of,mixed with cyclohexane, 14.Hexaphenylethane, oxidation of, inpresence of pyrogallol, 139.Hcxatrienes, spectra of, absorption, ultra-violet, 114.Al-Hexene, autoxidation of, 132.cycZoHexene peroxide, 13 2.Hexoic acid, 2 : 5 : 6-kihydroxy-, 2 : 5 : 6-triacetyl derivative, ethyl ester, 174.Hexolrinase, action of, in presence ofhormones, 209.Histidine, detn.of, 252.Histones in nucleolus, 246.Hormones, detn. of, in natural products,effect of, on hexokinase reaction, 209.Hyaluronic acid, 236.Hyaluronidase, 23 6.Hydrocarbons, aromatic: spectra of, ab-autoxidation of, 93, 131.cracking of, infra-red spectroscopy of,17.olefins, 151.steroids, 227.methylpyrazoline, 263.102.173.on, 190.105.detn.of, 239.sorption, ultra-violet, 122284 INDEX OF SUBJECTS.Hydrocarbons, hydroaromatic, dehydro-genation of, 156.mixed, infra-red analysis of, 13.saturated, autoxidatioii of, 141.salts, crystal structure of, in, 63.Hydrocyanic acid, cadmium and goldHydrogen peroxide, decomposition of,sulphide, equilibrium of, with ferrouscatalysts for, 149.oxidation by, 93, 145.chloride, 83.Hydro-peroxides, 131.a-Hydroxy-acids, oxidation of, 94.with hydrogen peroxide and ferroussalts, 150.o-Hydroxyaldehydes, aromatic, coppercomplexes with, 70.y-Hydroxycarbonyl compounds, tauto-rnerism of, 161.3-Hydroxyfurans, and their acetyl deriv-atives, 160.Hydroxyl radicals in oxidation withhydrogen peroxide, 146.Hyperchromic effect, 117.Hyperconjugation, 110.Ice, friction of surfaces of, 29.Imine radical, 91.Immunology of blood group substances,Jndane hydroperoxide, 137.Indicators, oxidation-reduction, 155.Indium, chemistry of, 65.detn.of, reagent for, 263.Influenza virus, 243.Infra-red analysers, 16.rays. See under Rays.spectroscopy, analysis, structure diagnosis, 16.255.235.Inhibitors for autoxidation, 139.Inorganic analysis, organic reagents in,chemistry, 63.compounds, crystal structure of, 49.Inosine &phosphate, preparation of, 178.Inosinic acid, 176.Inositol, separation of, from molasses, 99.Inositol hezaacetate, deacetylation of, 98.Iodoform, decomposition of, by fric LionIon exchangers, resin, 96.Iron, coating of, with chromium, 84.detn. of, reagents for, 258.equilibrium of, with oxygen, 81.molten, transfer of, to gaseous phase,Iron carbonyl, diamagnetism and structureoxides and sulphides, interconversion of,salts as catalysts for hydrogen peroxideIsoagglutination, inhibition of, by bloodunder pressure, 43.90.of, 69.83.decomposition, A substance, 232.Isocyclic systems, ultra-violet absorptionJewel pivots, friction of, 29.of, 120.Ketones, cyclic, oxidation of, by hydrogenperoxide and vanadium catalyst,147.oxidative ring fission of, 140.,8-Ketosuberic acid, ethyl ester, con-densation of, with ethyl bromo-pyruvate, 159.Kidneys, cytoplasm, phosphatase in, 242.Kidney cortex, oxidation of acetate by,206.spectra of, infra-red, 17.Lactobacillus, amino-acid assays with, 253.Lactobacillus delbriickii, oxidation of pyru-Lanthionine from protein hydrolysis, 247.Lead, detn.of, reagents for, 255.equilibrium of, with oxygen and sulphur,84.separation of, from bismuth, 256.from thallium, 256.Lead tetraacetate, oxidation with, 93, 143.oxide, yellow, change of, into red form,effect of grinding on, 45.dioxide, decomposition of, by frictionunder pressure, 44.sulphide, sensitivity of, to infra-redrays, 10.Lead ores, smelting of, 84.Leech extracts, spreading or diffusingfactor in, 238.Leucine, detn. of, 251.separation of, from proline and valine,98.Leuconostoc mesenteroides, amino -acidassays with, 263.Light, extinction curves for, 107.Linoleic acid, autoxidation of, 135.methyl ester, autoxidation of, 134.Linolenic acid, autoxidation of, 135.Lithium arsenides and phosphides, 64.fluoride, crystals, as prisms, 10.Liver, acetate conversion in, 206.acetylation of sulphonamides in, 199.arginase of, effect of adrenal steroids on,cytoplasm, enzymes in, 242.glycogen in, 242.effect on, of adrenal steroids, 226.pentose polynucleotide from, 240.Lubricants, boundary, effect of temper-ature on, 33.extreme pressure, of thin f3ms of, 31.metal soaps as, 35.structure of thin films of, 31.and polymers, 41.-anti-foaming agents for, 42.boundary, 21, 30, 35.vate by, 198.228.Lubricating oils, addition to, of additivesLubrication, 20INDEX OF SUBJECTS.286Lubrication, engine, effect of temperatureon, 40.extreme pressure, 37.metal film, 27.of internal combustion engines, 38.speed of friction in, 33.Lumazine, hydrolysis of, to amino-pyrazines, 196.Lungs? phospholipin-ribonucleoproteinswith thromboplastic activity from,243.Lymphocytosis in adrenalectomy, 21 7.Lymphopenia, due to adrenal steroids,Lysine, detn. of, with Neurospora crassa,Magnesium, detn. of, reagents for, 264.Magnesium bromophosphide, 64.Magnesol, 99.Maleic acid, reduction of, to succinic acid,102.spectrum of, absorption, ultra-violet,115.p-Maltose octaacetate, separation of, fromsucrose octa-acetate, 99.Manganese nitrate, decomposition of,86.Mangano-manganic oxide, 65.Manganous hydroxide, oxidation of, 64.d-Mannitol, separation of, from molasses,Melting point, effect of pressure on, 44.p-Menthene, autoxidation of, 132.Mercurials, furan, 94.Mercurifurans, 165.Mercurifuran, 2-chloro-, 165.Mercurifurfuraldehyde, 5-chloro-, 166.Mercurifurfuryl alcohol, 6-chloro-, 165.Mercuri-3-isopropylfuran, 2-chloro-, 165.Mercury, detection of, with dithizone, 264.Metabolism, acetic, in tissues, 206.acetic and acetoacetic, 208.carbohydrate, fat, and protein, tri-carboxylic acid cycle in, 202.carbohydrate, in adrenalectomy, 215.effect of adrenal steroids on, 226.electrolytes and water, in adrenal-ectomy, 214.fat, in adrenalectomy, 216.fatty acids, 212.intermediary, of amino-acids, carbo-hydrates, and fats, 197.protein, in adrenalectomy, 215.pyruvic acid, 197.Metals, polishing of, oxidation in, of, pure, 65.shear strength of, 26.Metal-ammines, complex, 72.Metal films, lubrication with, 27, 36.Metal surfaces, effect of, on, 34.films on, 22.fhish of, 27.friction of, effect of gas and vapoiirfilms on, 32.Metal surfaces, frictional properties offatty acids on, 34.intimacy of contact between, 25.outgassing of, 25.rubbing, potential between, 24.Metal wires, effect on, of surface-activematerials, 33.Metallurgy, X-ray methods in, 48.Methacrylic acid, polymerisation of, andits methyl ester, 148.Methane, nitro-, spectrum of, infra-red, 19.Methionine, detn.of, 252.Methoxyalkylbenzenes, reduction and de-methylation of, 102.5-MethoxymethyIfurfuraIdehyde, form-ation of, from 2 : 3 : 4 : 6-tetramethyld-1 : 2-glucoseen, 158.Methyl chloride, reaction of, with silicon-copper, 76.cyanide, additive compounds of, withboron halides, 67.hydroperoxide, thermal decompositionof, 141.radicals in high temperature oxidation,144.Methylamine, spectrum of, infra-red, 20.Methylene chloride, rearrangement of, ingroups, dehydrogenation of, by thiols,a-Methylenic activity towards olefins, 133.5-Methyl-3-e thyl-2 -propylfuran, formationof, from 4-ethyloct-4-en-l-yn-3-01,161.presence of catalyst, 77.154.Methylfurfural, 5-hydroxy-, hydrogenationof, 167.5-Methylfurfuraldehyde, 5-hydroxy-, pre-paration of, from sucrose, 157.5-Methylfuroic acid, oxidation of, 159.5-Methylfuroic acid, 5-hydroxy-, methylester, hydrogenation of, over Raneynickel, 166.2-Methyltetrahydrofuran, 162.5 - Methyltetrahydrofuran - 2 - carboxylicacid, 5-hydroxy-, 5-acetyl derivative,ethyl ester, conversion of, into ethyl2 : 5 : 6-triacetoxyhexoate, 174.sheets, elastic deformation of, 33.Mica, friction of, 29.Microscope, electron, 21.Microsomes, 242.Minerals,, of iron, 258.Mitochondria, 242.Mitosis, chemistry of, 246.Mixtures, spectra of, 12.Molasses, inositol and d-mannitol from,Molecular structure and ultra-violet ab-Molecules, rotational and vibrational levelsMolybdenum, toluene-3 : 4-dithiol complexMonel metal, catalytic action of, 168.Monox, 87.Morin, beryllium detn.with, 260.99.sorption, 110.of, 19.with, 261286 INDEX OF SUBJEUTS.Mucin, hog gastric, blood group Asubstance from, 232.Muscle, heart, enzymes in, 242.Muscle adenylic acid, 175, 177.Naphthalene-3 : 6-disulphonic acid, 1 : 8-dihydroxy-, sodium salt, titaniumdetection with,, tungsten detn. with,260.a-Naphthol, p-nitroso-, cobalt detn. with,261.Nernst filament, 11.Neurospora crassa, culture of, for lysineassay, 253.Nickel, catalytic, Raney, 99, 100, 101, 103.action of, in complex formation, 72.hydrogenation with, 166.detn. of, reagents for, 261.electroplating of, copper detn. in bathsNickel citrate, complexes of, 74.tartrate, complexes of, 74.Nickel-cobalt, catalytic action of, 167.Nickel gauze, catalytic action of, 168.Nicotinamide methiodide, hydrogenationof, by sodium hyposulphite, 182.Niobium, detn.of, reagents for, 263.Nitric acid, structure of, 66.Nitriles, basic, reduction of, with ammoniaand Raney nickel, 103.Nitrogen, heavy, as label element foramino-acids, 254.Nitrogen dioxide, reactions of, 86.tetroxide, reaction of, with phosphoricoxide, 63.for, 257.Nitroglycerin, frictional initiation of, 45.Nitroparaffis, reduction of, 102.Nitroso-R-salt, cobalt detn. with, 261.iron detn. with, 259.Nitrosyl borofluoride, 81.Nonanediones, preparation of, 174.Oat-hulls, furans from, 157.Octahydroanthraquinone hydroperoxide,isooctane, thermal decomposition of, 142.n-Octanoic acid, fission of, incubated with(Estrone, reduction of, to oestradiols, 101.Oils, fatty sulphurised, as lubricants, 37.Olefins, autoxidation of, 93, 131.effect of thiophenol on, 153.hydroperoxides, decomposition of, 136.hydroxylation of, by per-acids, 151.a-methylenic dehydrogenation of, 133.polymerisation of, 149.Oleic acid, autoxidation of, and its ethylmethyl ester, autoxidation of, 134.potassium salt, in sulphurised sperm oil,reduction of, to stearic acid, 102.Oliguria in adrenalectomy, 215.Optical density, measurement of, 13.137.liver, 212.ester, 135.hydroperoxide, lubricating oil, 42.Organic chemistry, 92.Organic compounds, constitution andultra-violet absorption spectra of, 92,105.Organic reagents in inorganic analysis,255.Oscillograph, cathode-ray, 9.Osmium, detn.and separation of, reagentsOsmium carbonyl halides, 76.tetroxide, catalysis by, of hydroxylation,for, 262.146.stability of, 86.from, 235.ultra-violet, 114.Outgassing of metal surfaces, 25.Ovarian cyst fluid, blood group substancesOxalic acid, spectrum of, absorption,Oxaloacetic acid, condensation of, withOxalocitraconic acid, 203.Oxalocitramalic acid, 203.Oxalosuccinic acid, 204.Oxalosuccinic carboxylase, 204.Oxidase, d-amino-acid, in cytoplasm, 243.acetoacetic acid, 208.with pyruvic acid, 203.cytochrome, in cytoplasm, 242.pyruvic, brain tissue, 201.of, 155.mechanism of, 92, 130.of sulphur compounds, 152.with hydrogen peroxide, 145.with lead tetra-acetate, 143.Oxidation, compulsory univalent, principleOximes, rearrangemont of, to a-amino-Oxine, bismuth separation with, 259.Ozone, structure of, 67.Paints, spectra of, infra-red, 19.Palladium, catalytic, 103.Papilloma virus, 243.Paraffins, combustion of, 141.Paraffins, nitro-, infra-red analysis of, 14.Penicillin, crystal structure of, 46.Penta-1 : 3-dieneY preparation of, 171.Pentamethylquercetin, boron detn.with,Pentane-1 : 4-dio1, dehydration of, 162.Pentane-1 : 5-diol, dehydration of, 163.Pentane- 1 : 2 : 6-trio1, dehydration of, 163.Pentanol, 4 : 5-dibromo-, dehydrobromin-Pentan-2-01, 1 : 5-dibromo-, 172.Pent-4-011- 1-01, isomerisation of, 163.Pentosans, furans from, 157.Pentose polynucleotides of cell cytoplasm,Pepsin, blood group A substance from, 232.Perchloric acid as activator in catalyticketones, 189.magnesium detn.with, 264.titanium detn. with, 263.260.oxidation of, 161.ation of, 163.240.reduction, 103.structure of, 66INDEX OF SUBJEOTS, 287Periodic acid, oxidation with, 145.Peroxides, formation of, from olehs, 13 1.Phenanthraquinone, dehydrogenation by,o-Phenanthroline, copper detn. with, 267.Phenols, nuclear sulphonation of, 163.Phenyl chromophore, effect of auxo-chromes on, 124.Phenylalanine, detn. of, 252.Phenylarsonic acid, and o-amino-, and p -hydroxy-, as reagents for metals, 262.Phenylchlorosilanes, 77.Phenyldithiodiazolonethiol, bismuth detn.with, 259.1 -Phenyl-3 -methylpyrazoline, hafniumdetn. with, 263.Phenylpropiolic acid, reduction of, to /?-phenylpropionic acid, 102.3-Phenylpyrazolone, isonitroso-, copperdetn.with, 257.Phosphatase, acetyl, cytoplasm, 242.Phosphide films as lubricants, 38.Phospholipin-ribonucleoproteins withthromboplastic activity, 243.Phosphoruspentabromide, crystal structureof, 61.chloroisocyanates and chlorothio-cyanates, 78.trihydride, metallic derivatives of, 64.trioxide, reaction of, with nitrogentetroxide, 63.oxychloride, structure of, 66.Phosphorylation, 103.Photographic developers, action of, 152.a-Picoline methiodide, bismuth detectionPicrolonic acid, calcium detn. with, 263.Pigments, detn. of, in natural products,Piperidme, formation of, from dihydro-in nitrobenzene, 156.iron detn.with, 258.bismuth separation with, 259.with, 259.105.pyran, 170.from furfuraldehyde, 17 1.from tetrahydrofurfuryl alcohol, 95.cortex activity, 228.Pituitary, anterior, control by, of adrenalPlant ash, detn. in, of boron, 260.Plant viruses, constitution of, 243.Platinum, lubricant film for, 31.lubricated, copper slid on, 24.Platinum oxides, 86.Polishing, high surface temperatures in,Polishing powders, reduction of, 44.Polyisobutylene, spectrum of, infra-red,Polyenes, autoxidation of, 142.Polymerisation of unsaturated compounds,Polysaccharides, end-group assay of, 99.Polystyrene, spectrum of, infra-red, andPolythene, oxidation of, 19.spectrum of, infra-red, and structure, 18.25.and structure, 18.infra-red spectroscopy of, 14.StIZICtLLm, 18.Potassium, detection and detn.of, re-Potassium argentocyanides, 76.agents for, 264.52.beryllium fluoride, crystal structure of,cuprocyanides, 75.nickel cyanides, structure of, 69, 70.permanganate, oxidation by, 156.tetrachlorozincate, crystal structure of,thioferrite, crystal structure of, 50.51.Powders, amorphous, spectra of, 11.Precipitants for amino-acids, 250.Pregnane-3 : 20-diol in urine after deoxy-A4 - Pregnene - 12(,8) : 21 - diol- 3 : 20 - &one,Progesterone, structure of, 224.Progesterone, 17-hydroxy-, structure of,Propane, spectrum of, infra-red, 20.Propenylethynylcarbinol, conversion of,Propionic acid, liver glycogen from, 213.Proportionality factors in absorptionisoPropylbenzene hydroperoxide, 137.Propylene, spectrum of, infra-red, 20.2-Propyltetrahydrofuran, 3’-hydroxy-,Proteins, hydrolysis of, amino-acids from,metabolism of, in adrenalectomy, 216.spectra of, infra-red, and structure,Proteus vulgaris, growth factors for,Pyocyanine, 155.Pyrazine, and its derivatives, 188.Pyrazine, 2 : 3-dicyano-, phthalocyanine-Pyrazines, properties of, 192.Pyrazines, amino-, 195.hydroxy-, 196.Pyrazinecarboxylic acids, 193.antipellagra activity of, 194.decarboxylation of, of, 194.spectrum of, infra-red, 20.chloride solution, 33.with, 263.corticosterone administration, 231.224.224.into 2 : 6-dimethylfuran, 161.spectroscopy, of, 95.synthesis of, compounds from, 194.Pyridine, formation of, from dihydropyran,Pyrites, surface hardness of, in sodiumPyrogallol, niobium and tantalum detn.Pyrroles, formation of, from furans, 169.Pyrrolidine, formation of, from tetra-Pyruvic acid, condensation of, with170.hydrofuran, 170.oxaloacotic acid, 203.metabolism of, 197.oxidation of, by bacteria, tissues, acetylcholine, 145288 INDEX OF SUBJECTS.Pyruvic acid, bromo-, ethyl ester, con-densation of, with ethyl 13-keto-suberate, 159.Pyruvic oxidase, brain tissue, 201.Quartz, surface structure of, 22.Quinaldic acid, copper separation with,Quinaldine, 8-hydroxy-, zinc detn.with,Quinalizarin, boron detn.with, 260.Quinine tannate, germanium detn. with,Quinols, oxidation of, to quinones, 152.Quinoline, reduction of, 102.Quinoline,gallium separation with, 263.indium detn. with, 263.copper separation with, : 7 - dibromo - 8 - hydroxy -,8-hydroxy-, copper detn. with, 256, 257.Quinolinecarboxylic acid, 8-hydroxy-,Quinones, reaction of, with tetralin, 156.reduction of, 94.oxidation-reduction reactions of, 154.Quinonoid dyes, oxidation-reduction re-Quinosol, aluminium, copper, and zincRacemization during protein hydrolysis,Radicals, free, inorganic, 87.Raman spectra. See under Spectra.Rays, infra-red, detection of, 6.Reactions, rearrangement, 77.Reagents, organic, in inorganic analysis,Receivers, selective, 6, 10.Reductase, cytochrome c , 205.Reduction, catalytic, 99.Resins, ion exchange, 96.actions of, 154.detn.with, 257, 262.247.255.for separation of amino-acids, 249.phenolic, spectra of, infra-red, andstructure, 18.Resonance structure of molecules, 11 1.Respiratory quotient, effect on, of adrenalRhenium, toluene-3 : 4-dithiol complexRhodamine-B, tungsten detn. with, 260.Rhodium halides, complexes of, withRiboflavin, 155.Riboflavin-5'-phosphate as co-enzyme ofRibonucleic acid, 240.detection of, cell nucleolus, cell nucleus, 245.steroids, 227.with, 261.ethyl sulphide, 75.hydrogen transfer, 188.Rocks, detection in, of vanadium, 264.Rubber, and its derivatives, spectra of,friction of, 29.natural and synthetic, infra-red analysisinfra-red, and structure, 18.of mixtures of, 14.Rubber, oxidation of, 19.vulcanisation of, thiols as acceleratorsfor, 154.Rubeanic acid, copper detn.with, 257.Salicylaldoxime, copper detn. in steel with,Salicylic acid, iron detn. with, 258.Saliva, blood group substances in, 234.Sapphires, friction of, 29.Sarcoma, fowl, hyaluronic acid from, 236.Sarcoma virus, 243.Selenium, detn. of, reagent for, 262.Selenium dioxide, oxidation by, 156.Self-dnplication of cytoplasmic particles,Serhe, detn. of,'251.Sex glands, effect of adrenalectomy on,Silica gel, catalytic action of, in complexSilicates, systems of, containing water,Silicon, polymers, spectra of, infra-red, andSilicon alloys as catalysts in preparationSilicon alkyl and aryl halides,, 72.65.structure, 18.of phenylchlorosilanes, 77.carbide, crystal structure of, 52.tetrachloride, sulphur trioxide compoundof, 81.chlorothiocyanates, 78.trichlorothiocyanate, disproportionationof, in heated tube, 77.isocyanato thiocyanates, compounds, 76.monoxide, 87.oxyfluoride and oxyfluorochlorides, 79.monosulphide, 89.triisocyanatothiocyanate, 78.trimethoxythiocyanate, 78.Silicones as lubricants, 42, 43.Silver as catalyst in preparation of siliconSilver chloride, sheet, for windows ofnitrate, decomposition of, by frictionorganic halides, 76.absorption cells, 10.under pressure, 43.Skin, hyaluronic acid from, 236.Soaps, crystal structure of, 62.films, lubrication with, and with metalfilms, 36.structure of, 32.ammonia, 102.metal, as lubricants, 35.Sodium, reduction with, in liquidSodium arsenide and phosphide, 64.hyposulphite, friction of, 29.a- and fl-naphthoxides, reduction of,thiochromite, crystal structure of, 50.Solids, m.p. of, effect of pressure on, 44.surface structure of, 21.Solubility, amino-acid separation by, 248,Solutions in non-aqueous solvents, 63.102.250INDEX OF SUBJECTS. 289Solvents for ultra-violet absorption spectro-non-aqueous, chemistry of solutions in,Solway purple, boron detection with, 260.Sorbitol, separation of, from dulcitol,Spectra, absorption, ultra-violet, andstructure of organic compounds,105.scopy, 106.63.d-glucose, and d-mannitol, 99.interpretation of, 108.molecular, measurement of, 5.Raman, measurement of, 20.Spectrometers, double-beam, 7.for gas analysis, 14.prism, automatic, 7.single-beam, 7.analysis, 92.technique of, analysis, structure diagnosis, 16.with hyaluronidaso, 238.lubricating oil, 41.detection in, of vanadium,, of boron, 260.Spectrometry, absorption, ultra-violet, inSpectroscopes, vacuum, 106.Spactroscopy, absorption, ultra-violet,infra-red, 5.Spreading or diffusing factor, identity of,Stearic acid, calcium phenyl ester, inSteel, copper slid on, 24.of cobalt, 261.of copper, 257.of tungsten, 261.esters on, 34.88.heat of adsorption of fatty acids andmolten, silicon-oxygen equilibrium in,surface film on, 22.Steroids, adrenal cortex, isolation of,Sterols, spectra of, absorption, ultra-violet,Streptobacterium plantarium, growth fac-Streptococci, haemolytic, hyaluronic acidStreptococcus fcecalis, amino-acid assaysStress resistance, effect of adrenal steroids219.121.tors for, 194.from, 236.with, 253.on, 228.Strontium orthosilicate, crystal structureof, 52.Structure, diagnosis of, by infra-redspectroscopy, 16.Styrene, polymerisation of, 148.infra-red spectroscopy of, 15.Sub-compounds, 87.Sucrose, 5-hydroxymethylfurfuraldehydefrom, 157.Sucrose octaacetate, separation of, from13-maltose octa-acetate, 99.Sugar acetates, deacetylation of, adrenalectomy, 2 16.purification of, 99.Sugar juice, purification of, by ionexchange resins, 96.Sulphapyrazine, effect of, on pneumococcaland streptococcal infections, 195, 196.Sulphides, crystal structure of, 50.Sulphide flms as lubricants, 37.Sulphites, autoxidation of, 152.Sulphobenzoic acids, conversion of, toSulphonamides, acetylation of, in liver,Sulphosalicylic acid, iron detn.with, 258.Sulphur chlorides, hydrolysis of, 80.benzoic acid, 101.199.compounds, oxidation of, compounds, film-forming pro-monoxide, 89.trioxide, crystal structure of, 61.Sulphuryl chloride, structure of, 66.Superol, aluminium, copper, and zinoSurfaces, contour and structure of, 21, 22.perties of, 37.detn. with, 257.zinc detn.with, 262.lubricated, 30.sliding, friction of, 23.Surface-active materials, effect of, onSurvival, conditions of, in adrenalectomy,Synovial fluid, hyaluronic acid from, 236.Tantalum, detn. of, reagents for, 263.Tar, coal, infra-red analysis of acids in, 14.Tartaric acid, recovery of, from naturalTemperature, transition, in lubricants, 34.Terpenes, infra-red analysis of, 14.Testis extracts, spreading or diffusingTetra - acetyl - N - glucosidonicotinamideTetradeuterethylene, spectrum of, infra-Tetrahydrofuran, 162, 169.conversion of, into adipic acid orreaction of, with acyl halides, 173.Tetrahydrofuran, 3-bromo-, conversion of,2-cyano-, catalytic dehydration of, 169.2-hydroxy-, 162.2-hydroxy-, 161.strength of solids, 32.217.wastes, 96.factor in, 238.bromide,, 20.butadiene, 17 1.into pyrrolidine, 170.into allylcarbinol, 174.Tetrahydrofurans, ring fission of, 171.Tetrahydrofurans, 3 : 4-diamino-, 94.Tetrahydrofuran-2-carboxylic acid, con-version of, into a8-dibromovalericacid, 173.Tetrahydrofurqic acid, ethyl ester, re-action of, with acetyl chloride, 173.methyl ester, catalytic dehydration of,169.Tetrahydrofurfural, preparation of, 168.Tetrahydrofurfuryl alcohol, 163.catalytic decomposition of, 169.dehydrogenation of, 168290 INDEX OF SUBJECTS.Tetrahydrofurfuryl alcohol, hydrogeno-lysis of, 174.reaction of, with acetyl chloride, 173.with ammonia over catalysts, 170.with hydrogen bromide, 172.Tetrahydrofurfuryl chloride, conversion of,into pent-4-en-1-01, 174.Tetrahydrofurfurylamine, formation of,N-Tetrahydrofurfurylpiperidine, 171.Tetrahydrofuryl tetrahydrofurfuryl ether,Tetraketones, preparation of, 174.Tetralin, autoxidation of, 137.oxidation of, to naphthalene, 153.reaction of, with quinones, 156.Tetramethyldiaminodiphenylmethane,2 : 2 : 5 : 5-Tetramethyldihydrofuran, 162.Tetramethyl glucose, separation of, forend-group assay of polysaccharides,99.2 : 3 : 4 : 6-Tetramethyl glucose, separationof, from 2 : 3 : 6-trimethyl glucose,98.2 : 3 : 4 : 6-Tetramethyl d-1 : 2-glucoseen,conversion of, to 5-methoxymethyl-furfuraldehyde, 158.Tetramethyl methylglucosides, separationof, from trimethyl methylglucosides,98.Tetramethylpyrazine, 189.Tetramethylthiuram disulphide as vul-Tetraphenylpyrazine, 189, 191.Thallium halides, mixed melt of, forwindows of absorption cells, 10.oxysulphide, sensitivity of, to infra-redrays, 10.Thermistors, 9.Thermocouples, 6.Thiobacillus thio-oxidans, adenosine-3'-tri-Thiobenzthiazole as vulcanisation acceler-Thiocyanates, iron detn.with, 258.Thiodiazoledithiol, bismuth detn. with,Thio-others, oxidation of, 151.Thioglycollanilide, conversion of, intoThioglycollic acid, conversion of, intoThiols, dehydrogenation of methyleneThiol radicals, formation of, by peroxideThiophan, formation of, frqm 4-hydroxy-Thiophen, reduction of, 103.spectrum of, infra-red, 20.Thiophen, 2-bromo-, reduction of, 103.Thiophens, formation of, from furans, 169.Thiourea, osmium detn.with, 262.Thorium, detn. of, reagents for, 262.halides, 163.167.169.lead detn. with, 256.canisation accelerator, 154.phosphate from, 179.ator, 164.259.acetanilide, 100.acetic acid, 100.groups by, 154.catalysts, 153.butanethiol, 170.Threonine, detn. of, 251.Thymus, effect of adrenal steroids on,Tin tetrahalides, sulphur dioxide solvateswith, 81.Titanium, detection and detn. of, and itsseparation from aluminium, 263.Titanium tetruhalides, sulphur dioxidesolvates with, 81.Titan-yellow, magnesium detn. with, 264.Tobacco viruses, necrosis, crystal structureToilet preparations, detn. in, of lead, 256.Toluene, purification of, from methyl-thiophen, 100.Toluene - 3 : 4 - dithiol, molybdenum,rhenium, and tungsten detn.with,261.Toluidines, substituted, infra-red analysisof, 14.o-Toluidine, copper detn. with, 257.Totaquine, alkaloids from, 98.TriaryImethanes, peroxides, 137.Tribo-electricity in friction, 30.Trifurylarsines, 165.Trigonelline, hydrogenation of, by sodiumhyposulphite, 182.Triketones, preparation of, 174.Trimethoxythiocyanic acid, siliconderivative, 78.Trimethylamine oxide, boron trifluorideadduct, 80.2 : 3 : 6-Trimethyl glucose, separation of,from 2 : 3 : 4 : 6-tetramethyl glucose,98.Trimethyl mcthyl-Z-arabofuranoside, sep-aration of, from trimethyl methyl-d-xylopyranoside, 98.Trimethyl methylglucosides, separation of,from tetramethyl methylglucosides,98.Triphosphopyridine nucleotide, 180, 185.Trogor's base, resolution of, 98.Tripyridyl, cobalt detn. with, 261.aa'a"-Tripyridyl, iron detn. with, 258.Tryptophan, detn. of, 252.from protein hydrolysis, 248.Tungsten, detn. of, reagents for, 260.Tungsten hezuchloride, crystal structureI'yrosine, detn. of, 252.Umbilical cord, hyaluronic acid from, 236.Uranium, detn. of, cupferron test for,Urine, assay of adrenal substances in, 218.detn. in, of androgens, 230.human, blood group substances in, 234.from blood group A substance, 233.effect of adrenalectomy on, 217.228.subsulphide, 89.of, 62.of, 51.oxides, 86.262.of lead, 256.Vaccinia virus, 243.Valency, 66INDEX OFValeric acid, 6-bromo-a-hydroxy-, 172.6-chloro-a-hydroxy-, a-acetyl derivative,ethyl ester, 173.Valine, detn. of, 251.Vanadium, detection of, reagents for, 264.Vanadium tri- and tetru-chlorides, 79.equilibrium of, with slag-formingVapours, films, effect of, on metallicfriction, 32.Vinyl cyanide, polymerisation of, 148.cyanide and halides, spectra of, infra-Vinylacetylene, spectrum of, absorptionVinylcarbinols, reduction of, 102.Virusee, constitution of, 243.Vitamins, detn. of, in natural products,Vitreous humor, hyaluronic acid from,Vulcanisation, infra-red spectroscopy of,oxides, 85.oxides,, 20.ultra-violet, as accelerators for, 154.Water, detn. in, of magnesium, 264.IUBJECTS. 291Wear, abrasive and corrosive, in runningWelding, cold, in lubricant films, 24.Wool fibres, friction of, 29.Wool proteins, hydrolysates, amino-acidsWoollen fabrics, felting of, 29.Wounds, healing of, accelerated bychromatin, 245.Wiistite, etability of, 81.p-Xylene hydroperoxide, 137.Yeast, cophosphorylase from, 179.cytoplasm, enzymes in, 242.pentose polynucleotide of, 240.engines, 39.from, 249.Zeolites as softeners, 96.Zinc, detn. of, and its separation fromcopper, 257.reagents for, 261.Zinc subiodide, 89.Zinc Dips. See Diisopropylsalicylic scid,zinc salt.Zirconium, detn. of, reagents for, 262.Zymogen granules in liver and pancrees,242


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