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期刊: Annual Reports on the Progress of Chemistry  (RSC Available online 1919)
卷期: Volume 16, issue 1  

页码: 229-234




年代: 1919




出版商: RSC


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INDEX OF SUBJECTSAcetobromoamide, brolnination with,85.Acetobromoglucose, action of silversalicylate on, 79.Acetone, thiocymo-, 64, 104.Acetophenone, o-bromo-, characterisa-tion of acids by, 65.Acetylene, combination of mercuricchloride and, 68.polymerisation of, 57.estimation of, 131.Acids, aliphatic, characterisation of,Aconitine, detection of, 135.Adsorption, 14.Affinity, duplex, and vttlency, 8.Agricultural analysis, 131.Alcohols and their derivatives, 59.Aldehydes, 63.Alkali fluorosulphonates,, estimation of, 136.detection of, 133.metals, compounds of ammonia and,Alkalinity, detection of, 138.Alkaloids, origin of, from amino-acids,action of diazonium compounds on,anhalonium (cactus), 123.of the areca nut, 120.cinchona, 1 17.of the pomegranate tree, 119.various, 121.estimation of, 137.Alkyl iodides, preparation of, 69.N-Alkyloximes, constitution of, 94.Alloys, properties of, 213.Ally1 alcohol, 59.Allylphenols, formation of, 9 1.o-Allylphenols, 11 1.Amines, separation of, 85.phenolic, detection of, 134.Amino-acids, 153.origin of alkaloids from, 155.Aminosulphonic acid, salts of,, combustion of, 42.metallic compounds of, 41.albuminoid, estimation of, in water,145.Ammonium fluorosulphonate, 46.tert.-Amy1 alcohol, 59.Analysis, agricultural, 13 1.electrochemical, 143.inorgamc, 138.microchemical,, 133.physical, 127.water, 145.123, 157.g=, 129.Anhaline, identity of, with hordenine,Anhalonium alkaloids, 123.Anthocyanins, 114.Antimonic acids, 44.Areca nut, alkaloids of the, 120.Arecaidine and arecaine, 120.Arecoline, 120.Arginine, 164.Argon, atomic weight of, 27.Arsenic, yellow, 43.Arsenic acid, estimation of, 140, 142.Arsenious acid, reduction of, 43.Arylthiocarbimides, action of benzylicAtom, constitution of the, 3, 28.Atomic disintegration, 4.structure, 1, 29, 208.weights, 27.oxide, double compounds of, 43.acid on, 92.Bacteria, 196.Barium peroxide, action of heat on, 33.Benzaldehyde, 2 : 4 : 6-trihydroxy-, 93.Benzotrichloride, nitration of, 95.Benzylic acid, action of, on arylthio-Berberine, estimation of, 138.Beryl, extraction of glucinum from, 32.Betonicine, 121, 158.carbimides, 92230 INDEX OF SUBJECTS.Bismuth hydride, 44.detection of, 140.estimation of, 141.Boron, atomic weight of, 27.Bromides, estimation of, 136.Bromoplatinic acid ammonium salt,Brucine, action of nitric acid on, 122.Burgundy mixture, composition of,Butyl alcohol, 59.solubility of, 51.196.Cacotheline, 122.Cactus alkaloids, 123.Cadmium suboxides, 34.Calcite group of minerals, 219.Calcium, estimation of, 142.hypobromite, basic, 51.phosphates, 32.Capsaicin, 98.Carbazines, 124.Carbohydrates, 75.Carbon, amorphous, 38.estimation of, in soil, 131.monoxide, estimation of, 130.dioxide, estimation of, 142, 145.Carbonyl chloride, preparation of, 40.Carborundum, crystalline structure of,206.Caseinogen, 152.Catalysis, 62.Cellulose, 83.Chalcopyrite, crystalline structure of,205.Charcoal, crystalline structure of, 205.Chemical change and radiant energy,reversible, influence of tempera-in steel, 144.estimation of, 131.sulphide, decomposition of, heterogeneous systems, 21.18.ture on, 22.Chlorination, 69.Chlorine, combination of hydrogen and,combination of sulphur dioxide and,rate of absorption of, by water, 146.monoxide, 50.19.20.Chlorites, 51.Chloroform, preparation of, 70.Chloroiridic acid, ammonium salt,solubility of, 51.Chloropicrin, reactions of, 84.Chloroplatinic acid, ammonium salt,solubility of, 51.Cholesterol, 103, 162.Cholic acid, 162.Choline, physiological action of, 160.Chroman, synthesis of, 111.Chromium, estimation of 144.Cinchona alkaloids, 1 17.Coal gas, effect of, on pla.nts, 187.B-Collidine, synthesis of, 108.Colloids, 16.Colouring matters with an asymmetricCopper, alloys of gold with, 213.carbon atom, 166.sulphates, 3 1.cuprous oxide, preparation of yellow,31.Coumaran, synthesis of, 111.Coumarin group, the, 109.Croton gubouga, investigation of barkof, 121.Cryptopine, 121.Crystal structure, 218.Cuorin, 163.Cyanates, estimation of, 136.Cyanides, estimation of, 136.Cytisine, 123.Cytisoline, synthesis of, 123.Datiscetin, synthesis of, 114.Diacetonamine, preparation of, 85.a€-Dialdehydes, 63.Diazomethane, methylation with, 86.Diazonium compounds, action of, onalkaloids, 122.Diffusion of solids, 2 13.Digitalin, detection of, 135.Dilution law, electrolytes and the, 13.Dimethylaniline, condensation ofo-phthalaldehyde and, 94.Dimethylnaphthalenes, 100.Diphenyl disel enide, di - m -ni tro - , anddi-m-amino-, 103.Diphenylamine, nitro-derivatives of,96.Diphenyl-N-phenylnitrone, 95.Disaccharides, 82.Dispersion, rotatory, 10.Egg -albumin, 152.Electrical field, spectral emission in an,Electrochemical analysis, 143.Electrolytes and the dilution law, 13.Energy, radiant, and chemical change,Enzymes, 166, 193.Equilibrium, chemicaltl, influence oftemperature on, 22.Ether, estimation of, in alcohol, 135.Ethyl alcohol, 8-amino-, 59.Ethylene, nitro-, 57.Eugenol, synthesis of, 91.Euglobin, 152.Eukodal, 123.7.18.Fats, synthetic, 161.unsaturated, hydrogenation of, 62INDEX O F SUBJECTS.231Feeding stuffs, 194.Fenchenes, 102.Fermentation, 166.Ferrocyanides, estimation of, 143.Fertilisers, 183.Flavanones and flavones, 110.Flavone series, the, 113.Floridose, 80.Flowers, colour variation in, 116.Fluorine, preparation of, 49.Fluorosulphonic acid, salts of , 46.Food substances, accessory, 165.Formaldehyde, production of, 67.Freezing point of solutions, applicationin quantitative analysis, l29.Fructose, mutarotation of, 8 1.Fungicides, 196.Gallium and its compounds, 33.atomic weight of, 27.separation of, 142.dissolved in water, estimation of,Gas analysis, 129.Gases, explosive, ignition of, 24.145.inflammability of , 23.Gaseous mixtures, ignition of, 24.Gasoline, estimation of, 131.Gentiobiose, 82.Geraniol, constitution of, 60.Glucin my extraction of, from beryl,Glucogallin, 76.Glucosamine , 8 1.Glucose, mutarotation of, 81.Glucosides, 78.Glutaconic acids, isomerism of, 66.Glutamic acid, B-hydroxy-, 155.Glutaric acid, a-amino-8-hydrory-,Glycerol and its derivatives, 60, 161,Glycerophosphoric acids, 61.Glyceryl trinitrate, 61.Glycols, 60.Glyoxalines, 107.Gold, alloys of copper and silver with,213.detection of, 139.Graphite, 38, 203.Graphitic acid, 38.Grignard reagents, 70.Guaiaretic acid, 97.Guaiene, 97, 101.Gulonolactone, 80.Guvacine and guvacoline, 120.32.estimation of, 32.154.168.biochemical degradation of, 162.Halogen compounds, aliphatic, 68.Halogens, estimation of, 135, 141, 144.Harmine and harmaline, 122, 156.Hexacyanogen, 124.Histamine, 158.Histidine, 164.Hordenine, identity of, with anhaline,123, 157.Hormones, 159.Humus, estimation of, in soil, 181.Hydrastinine, new synthesis of, 116.Hydrobromic acid, preparation of, 5 1.Hydrocarbons, 56.Hydrogen, combination of chlorineand, 19.peroxide, estimation of, 140.sulphide, absorption of,by palladium," poisoning " of palladium by, 26.Hygric acid, 4-hydroxy-, 121, 157.Hyoscine, optically active forms of,Hypochlorous acid, preparation of, 50.Hypophosphites, estimation of, 140.52.72, 117.Ignition-temperatures, determinationof, 24.Indican, extraction of, from plants,109, 191.Indirubins, 109.Indium, separation of gallium and, 36.Indole group, the, 109.Inflammability of gaseous mixtures,Inorganic analysis, 138.Insecticides, 196.Invertase, 166.Iodides, estimation of, 144.Iodination, 95.Iodine, occurrence of, in plants, 151.Iodometry, 140.Iron, crystalline structure of, 197.Isatin, conversion of, into 2 : 3-di-Isomorphism, 2 18.23.hydroxyquinoline, 112.Juglone, tribromo-, 101.Kephalin 164.Keto - aldehydes, 63.Ketones, 63.Lead, alloys of magnesium and, 32.atomic weights of isotopes of, 28.compounds, effect of, on vegetation,salts of, 40.detection of, 139.estimation of, 144.186.Lecithin, 164.Lime-requirement of soil, estimation of,133232 INDEX OF SUBJECTS.Linamarin, 78.Lipoids, 163.Magnesium, crystalline structure of,E-Mandelic acid, ethyl ester, hydrolysisof, 72.Manganese, detection of, 139.Manures, 183.Mercury, detection of, 139.203.alloys of lead and, 32.estimation of, 142.mercuric chloride, action of thio-combination of acetylene and,fluoride, preparation of, 34.nitrite, action of thioamides on, 35.sulphoxyni tri te, 3 5.mercurous fluoride, action of chlorineon, 35.Methane, tetranitro-, 58.Methoxyl group, estimation of the, 136.Methylamine, preparation of, 84.dl-Methylconhydrinone, 11 9.Methylguanidine, 164.Methylisopelletierine, 11 9.Methylrhodims, 64, 105.Methyluric acids, 124.Mezcaline, synthesis of, 123, 157.Microchemical analysis, 139.Molecular rearrangement, 91.Molybdenum, estimation of, 142.Monosaccharides and their derivat'ves,Morphine, detection of, 134.amides on, 35.58.weights, 29.80.estimation of, 138.$-1 : 8-isoNaphthoxazone, 113.3-Naphthoylbenzoic acid, 1 : 6-di-hydroxy-, 101.Nickel, estimation of, 141.Nitrification in soil, 178.Nitrogen, atomic weight of, 27.disintegration of, 4, 26, 28.compounds, aliphatic, 84.estimation of, in soil, 132.peroxide, density of, 41.nitric acid, density of mixtures ofnitrates, estimation of, in water, 145.nitrous acid, estimation of, 141.Nitro-group, estimation of the, 135.Nitrones, 94.Nutrients, absorption of, by plants,184.nitrogen peroxide and, 41.Occlusion, 16.Optical activity, 71.dispersion, 10.rotatory power, 11.Organic analysis, 133.compounds, oxidation of, by silveroxide, 65.aromatic, substitution in, 90, 95.theory of constitution of, 87.Oscine, 117.Osmotic properties of disperse systems,12.Oxalic acid, detection of, 134.Oxycodeinone, 123.Oxydases, 193.Oxydihydrocodeinone, 123.Oxygen, estimation of, 130.Ozone, estimation of, 130.estimation of, 136.Palau, 127.Palladium, as a catalyst, 26.absorption of hydrogen sulphide by,Parazenes, 125.Particles, ultramicroscopic measure-a -Particles, disintegration produced by,isopelletierine, occurrence of, 120.Pepsin, 167.Perchlorates, estimation of, 142.Peroxydase, 193.Phenacetin, estimation of, 137.Phenyltrimethylammonium salts, bro-mination and nitration of, 96.Phloroglucinol, synthesis of, 7 1, 93.Phosphorus, estimation of organic, insoil, 132.phosphites, estimation of, 140.superphosphates, investigation of,Photochemical reactions, 19.o-Phthalaldehyde, condensation of di-Physical analysis, 127.Pinac one -pinacoline transformation,d-Pinene, 102.Plants, absorption of nutrients by, 184.52.ment of size of, 128.4, 28.32.methylaniline and, 94.92.action of coal gas on, 187.composition of, 187.constituents of, 187.growth of, 187.nutrition of, 184.poisons of, 186.reactions in, 192.Platinum, substitutes for, 127.Polysaccharides, 83.Pomegranate tree, alkaloids of the, 1 19.Potassium, biological importance andd-Propylene glycol, 62, 162.Proteins, 151.Purine group, the, 121.Pyknometer, gas, 128.radioactivity of, 148INDEX OF SUBJECTS.233Pyrazoline group, the, 106.Pyrimidines, 121.Pyrrole-black, preparation of, 125.Quinine, detection of, 134.Quinoline, 2 : 3-dihydroxy-, 112.Quinolinic acid, dyes from, 124.Radiant energy, chemical change and,Radiation hypothesis, application of,Radium-C, scintillations given by, 6.Rain-water, 182.X-Ray investigations, 197, 199, 208.X-Rays, use of, in analysis, 129.Refractofneters, 129.Resins, constituents of, 97.8-Resorcylaldehyde, 93.Rhamnose, 80.Rhodims, 64, 104.Rhotanium, 127.Rotatory dispersion, 10.power, optical, heterogeneous reactions, 21.spectra, 7.Saponins, 191.Saxtorite, crystalline form of, 219.Scandium, atomic weight of, 28.Schiff bases, action of potassiumScutellarein, constitution of, 113, 114.Selenium, occurrence of, in animals,cyanate on, 124.151.compouflds,, 103, 125.selenates, cystallographic investi -gation of, 218.Semicarbazide, action of, on ketones,63.Sesquiterpene, new, 102.Silver, alloys of gold with, 213.estimation of, 141.chloride, mixed crystals of sodiumoxide, oxidation of organic com-Soap solutions, properties of, 17, 68.Soda-asbestos, use of, for absorbingSodium chlorate, rotatory power ofchloride, mixed crystals of silverhypochlorite, 50.sulphates, 30, 31.chemistry of, 171.constituents of, 181.effect of salts on, 177.nitrification in, 178.chloride and, 215.pounds by, 65.carbon dioxide, 130.crystals of, 219.chloride and, 215.Soil, biochemical changes in, 174.Soil, protozoa ,in, 179.Solids,estimation of, in water, 145.Solutions, freezing point of, applicationin quantitative analysis, 129.Spectra, emission, and atomic struc-ture, 2.X-ray, 7.Spectral emission in an electricalfield, 7.lines, origin of, 2.Spectrophotometer, new form of, 129.Spiro -compounds, 102.Starch, 83.Starch-iodine reaction, 138.Stark effect, 7.Still-head, new type of, 136.Strontium peroxide, preparation of, 33.Styryl methyl ketone, 94.Succinic acid, halogen compounds of,Sugars, estimation of, 136.Sulphur, crystalline form of, 219.molecular weight of, 29.absorption of light by vapour of, 30.boiling point of, 45.monochlorids, 45.dioxide,action of, on alkali iodides,combination of chlorine and, 20.estimation of, 131.acids, detection of, 139.sulphurous acid, estimation of, 140,sulphates, estimation of, 141.Sulphonyl chlorides, estimation of, 137.Sulphuryl fluoride, preparation of , 46.Superphosphates.See under Phos-Systems, disperse, osmotic propertiessurveys, 181.estimation of humus in, 181.soluble, estimation of,, 12.heterogeneous, catalysis in, 2 1.Tannins, investigations on, 76, 77.Tellurium sulphide, 48.Terpene, new bicyclic, 102.apy6 -Tetramethylhexoic acid, synthesisTe traphenyl -N- phen yhi trene, 95.Thebaine, oxidation of, 123.Thiophen, detection of, 134.Thorium, atomic weight of, 27.Thyroxin, 159.Tin, crystalline structure of, 206.Tissues, animal, constituents of, 163.Titration, electrometric, 143.Torbenite, 218.Tropic acids, 72, 99.Truxillic acids, 99.of, 67.estimation of, 137.234 INDEX OF SUBJECTS.Truxone, 100.Trypsin, purification of, 167.Turicine, 121, 158.Ultramicroscopic particles, measure-ment of size of, 128.Urea, constitution of, 86.Uretidone, 125.Valency and duplex affinity, 8.Valeraldeh y de, y -hy dr oxy - , 80.Vanadium, estimation of, 144.Vegetation, effect of lead compoundsViscosimeters, calibration of, 127.Viscosit,y value, 128.Vitamines, 165, 192.on, 186.Water, analysis of, 145.Weights, atomic, 27.rain-, 182.molecular, 29.Yttrium, atomic weight of, 27.Zinc, occurrence of, in animal cells andf ormate, production of f orma-ldehydeZingerone, pungency of compoundsZirconium, estimation of, 141.foods, 151.from, 68.related to, 99.compounds, 40.PRIXTED IN GREAT BRITAIN BIT R . 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