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期刊: Annual Reports on the Progress of Chemistry  (RSC Available online 1945)
卷期: Volume 42, issue 1  

页码: 001-016




年代: 1945




出版商: RSC


数据来源: RSC



PH T HA LAT ES Dim ethylDiethyl ButylIs0 bu tyl DibutylAmy1 DiamylDiacetone Dihexyl2-Ethyl Hexand DioctylALCOHOLS P~OPY IALDEHYDES Acetaldehyde ACETATES $;Y’ ButyraldehydePropyl CrotonaldehydeButyl ParaldehydeAmy1 AldolACETONE DlACETlN TRlACETlNACETIC ACID ACETIC ANHYDRIDEMesityl Oxide Aceto aceticesterLACTATES EthylButyl OXA LATES Diethy IDibutylAmy1STEARATES ButylAmy1EthylButylOLEATESTARTRATES Diethy 1DibutylC I T R AT E S Tributy ITriam ylB R I T I S HINDUSTRIAL * SOLVENTS B I S O L ’ PRODUCTS O FLIMITEDWELBECK HOUSE, DOWNS SIDE, BELMONT, SURREY * TEL : VIGILANT 0133-6TAYLOR 785iiMaking a better job of it 8 8a GlWE RlR 0. 110.Tel. : LEEDS 32521.Grams : OXBROS, LEEDS.THIS REPLACEMENT WAS ANIMMENSE IMPROVEMENTThe illustration shows Oxley weldedPurifier Covers of size 40 ft.8 in. by35 ft. 9 in., -& in. sheets.The approximate weight of each cover is9 tons. Erected a t Wandsworth.N o t only did these Oxley Purifier Covers replacecorroded and leaky riveted covers, but at the sametime the welded design offered many improvementsas compared w i t h the riveted design i n the fore-ground, rigidity, lightness, absence of crevices forwater lodgment and starting points of corrosion.The Oxley welded design gives an absolutely gas-t i g h t cover w i t h no possibility of leakage such asoccurs w i t h riveted joints.OXLEY ENGINEERING CO., LTD., HUNSLET, LEEDS 10London Office ; Winchester House, Old Broad Street, London, E.C.2.Telephone : London Wall 3731.Grams : Asbengpro Stock, London.W 48aiHEAD OFFICE 6WORKS :WEDNESBURY,STAFFS.Telephone:0284 (five lines)London Office :Artillery House,Artillery Row,S . W . I .Telephone :1547-8 AbbeyACIDPROOF PRODUCTSAcidproof Tiles and Bricks, Acidproof Cements,Acidproof Channels and Sections, AcidproofAsphalt, Acid proof Corn pou nds, Acidproof Paints,Acidproof Rubbers, Acid proof Synthetics.APPLICABLE TO-Tanks-Acid Storage, Acid Process, Metal De-scaling, Chemical, Beer, Milk, Food.Floors-Pick1 i ng *Shops, Plating Shops, Dairies,Breweries, Food Factories, and all acid conditions.Linings-Acidproof Linings for Tanks, Sumps,Towers, Chi m neys.A c i d Drai nage-C han nel Ii ng and Guttering.Neutralising and Effluent Systems.TRADE MARKS‘‘ Asplit ” .. . ...Cement Prodor ” ...“Prodorite ” . . . ...‘‘ Prodorphalt ” ...P rodorkitt ” ...I‘ Coldkitt ... ...Prodor- GIas ” ...‘‘ Decmetised ” ...Gunfalt ” . . . ...‘ I P rodorloc ” . . . ...Acid and Alkali resistantAcidproof Cement.FIoor and Channel Sections.Acidproof Asphalt.Acidproof Compound.jointing Material.Synthetic Linings.Protection and Decorationof Industrial Structures.Gunned Bitumen Compounds.Bituminous faints.Cement.SOUTH-WEST ESSEX TECHNICALCOLLEGE AND SCHOOL OF ART(Essex Education Committee)FOREST ROAD, WALTHAMSTOW, E.17H. LOWERY, M.Ed., Ph.D., D.Sc., F.1nst.P.Principal :SCIENCE DEPARTMENTHead of Department :R. W. JUKES, B.Sc., A.R.I.C., F.C.S.H.HOLNESS, M.Sc., F.R.I.C., M.I.T.I. L. FINAR, B.Sc., Ph.D.J. BOR, M.Sc.Tech., F.1nst.P.Senior Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry :Senior Lecturer in Organic Chemistry :Senior Lecturer in Physics :Full-time Day Courses extending over 3 or 4 years areheld in preparation far the London University B.Sc.,General and Special Degrees in Chemistry, Physics, Botany,Zoology, and Mathematics ; also for A.R.I.C. and A.1nst.P.Many research investigations are in progress in theScience Department and students may become associatedwith any of these with a view to taking either the M.Sc.or Ph.D. Degree.Part-time Degree and National Certificate Courses arealso available in Science subjects.Special facilities are available for the study of industrialapplications of science, e.g., plastics, radiology, electronics,chemical engineering.The College was opened in 1938 and replaces the formerLeyton and Walthamstow Technical Colleges.The building is entirely new and the equipment up-to-date. In addition to excellent teaching accommodation,the College possesses ample social amenities, viz., concerthall with cinema and stage, swimming bath, two gymnasia,library, refectory, writing and private study rooms, andcommon rooms.Full particulars and Prospectus of classes may be obtainedon application to the Principal.VTHE POLYTECHNICRegent Street London, W .1DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY & BIOLOGYHead of Department : H. LAMBOURNE, M.A., M.Sc., F.R.I.C.DAY AND EVENING COURSESB.Sc.Degree, Special and General (External), LondonUniversity .Associateship of the Institute of Chemistry (A.R.I.C.)Diploma.Intermediate Science Course in Chemistry, Botany,Zoology, and Physics, suitable for Medical, Dental,and Pharmacy students.-~ ~ ~Prospectuses, giving fullparticulars of courses, fees, etc., may be obtainedon application to the undersigned:J. C . JONES, Director oJ EducationUNIVERSITY OF ST. ANDREWS (SCOTLAND)Civlncclh: The Right Hon. The EARL BALDWIN OF BEWDLEY.Vh-Chat~elior and Principal: SIR JAMES COLQUHOUN IRVINE.Dean of the Facuiiv of Science: Professor ROBERT TAMES DOUGLAS GRAHAM.Rector: Air Vice-Marshal SIR DAVID MUNRO.- Secretary bf h e University: DAVID JOSEPH BURTON RITCHIE.The University confers the following Degrees, all open to men or women:B.Sc.(Ord. and Horn.), Ph.D., D.Sc.SESSION 1946-47 opens 8th October, 1946. The curriculum for Pure Sciencemay be taken in St. Andrew or Dundee; the curriculum for Engineering inDundee. Application for admission to the Faculty should be sent to the Dean notlater than 30th June.Residential Entrance Scholarships for Men and Entrance Bursary Competitions.-June annually. Entries due 1st May. United College, St. Andrews.-ResidentialEntrance Scholarships-Eight of LIOO per annum tenable for 3 or 4 years. Bursariesopen to Science Students-Four of € 5 0 , one of &40, two of €30, six of lesser amountsfrom L25 to L14, tenable for 3 or 4 years. University College, Dundee-Bursaries opento Science Students-Ten of from &50 to l 3 0 , tenable for 3 or 4 years.Pdmfnary Examinations.-March and August.Entries due 5th February and 19thJuly.Post-Graduate Study and Research in Chemistry, Mathematics, Astronomy, NaturalPhilosophy, Zoology, Botany, Geology, Anatomy, Physiology, Engineering. Provisionmade for duly qualified Research Workers. Students of the University are eligible forCarnegie Trust Scholarships and Fellowships and for other Scholarships, Fellowships andGrants.Chemistry Resear& Students should communicate with Professor Read, United College,or Professor Wynne- Jones, University College, Dundee.Residence Hall8 for Men Students a t St. Andrews.-St. Salvator’s Hall, Dean’s Court,Swallowgate, St. Regulus Hall, Kennedy Hall.Full information may be obtained from the Secretary of the University, St.Andrews,or the Dean of the Faculty of Science, Bute Medical Buildings, St. Andrew.GLYCERINEThe Purest Qualityo n t h e M a r k e tChemically Pure B.P.0 Pale Straw 0Produced by& C O M P A N Y , L I M I T E DNewcastle, Manchester and LondonT H O M A S H E D L E YiTHEROYAL INSTITUTE OF CHEMISTRYOF GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELANDThe Institute of Chemistry was established in 1877 to providethe Government and the public with the means of recognis-ing those who have been properly trained and proved to becompetent to practise chemistry as a profession. In 1885 theInstitute was granted a Royal Charter with authority to grantcertificates of competency, and to register persons qualifiedto practise.The aims of the Institute include the elevationof the profession of chemistry and the maintenance of theefficiency, integrity and usefulness of persons practising thesame, by compelling the observancg of strict rules ofmembership, and by setting up a high standard of scientificand practical efficiency.Particulars of the Regulations and Examinations of theInstitute can be obtained (free) on application, to-THE REGISTRARTHE ROYAL INSTITUTE OF CHEMISTRY30 RUSSELL SQUARE, W.C. 1THE WORLD’S GREATESTBOOKSHOPFOYLES*where bookselling iscombined with speedyand intelligent serviceNew and secondhand Books onevery subject. Stock of3 million volumes.Books Bought119-125 CHARING CROSS ROADL O N DON, W.C.2Gerrord 5660 ( I 6 lines)Open 9-6 doily (inc.Sots.)ADVERTISINGFULL INFORMATION O NALL MATTERS CONNEC-TED WITH ADVERTISINGIN THESE A N N U A LREPORTS OR IN THEJ O U R N A L OF T H ECHEMICAL SOCIETY MAYBE OBTAINED FROM THEADVERT. MANAGER AT5 6 VICTORIA STREET,LONDON, S.W. I.(Tel : Vic 5215)THE SEAL OF SATISFACTIONREFRACTORIESforRESISTANCECONDUCTANCECONS E RVATlO NofHEAT I STEEL I I FURNACES 1SILICASILICEOUSS I LLI MAN ITEI GLASS I FURNACESI ckYiiF ID.S.F. REFRACTORY MATERIALS ARE IN I FURNACES IDEMAND FOR MANY INSTALLATIONSCOVERING A WIDE RANGE OFINDUSTRIESTHE DERBYSHIRE SILICA FIREBRICKITelegrorns : Telephone :SILICA, FRIDEN, HARTINGTON. corn LTD. HARTINGTON 230.FRIDEN : HARTINGTON : BUXTONxTHE EDWARDS TYPE I VCOMPRESSOR AND VACUUMPUMPV A C U U M :- - - - - 24 inches Hg.DISPLACEMENT: 3 cubic feet per minute.PRESSURE:- - - - - - -1Olbs.This ' general-purpose ' outfit fulfils long-standing requirements inworks and laboratories.I t is compact and quiet, and can be easilyadapted to meet special needs.PRICE COMPLETE AS ILLUSTRATEDA.C. Models - f18 : 18 : 0. D.C. Models - f20 : 10 : 0BLOWPIPES - FI LT RAT1 0 N SSPRAY IN G - CIRCULATINGASPIRATiNG, etc.W. EDWARDS & CO. (London) LTD.MAKERS Of VACUUM PUMPS, PLANT AND GAUGESKANGLEY BRIDGE ROAD, LOWER SYDEN HAMLONDON, S.E.26Telephone : Telegrams:SYDenham 7026 (P.B.X.) Edcohivac, Phone, London.x i(( Everything for Safety Everywhere ”Originol designers ond rnonufocturers ofBREATHING APPARATUSof a l l types includingS A L V U S ”‘4 P R 0 T 0 ”F I R E 0 X ”as used i n Mines, Chemical Works, Fire Brigadeg, etc.,GAS MASKSof all types for all known gases.SMOKE HELMETS“ Spirelmo ” and other types.R ES U S C I TAT I0 N A P PA RAT U Sfor persons asphyxiated by poisongas, shock, drowning, etc.‘‘ NOVOX ” and NOVITA ”PROTECTIVE and SAFETY DEVICES of all typesincluding Asbestos Clothing, Acid and WaterproofClothing, Respirators, Goggles, Dust Hoods, etc., etc.(Established l8 19) & CO.LTD.DAVIS ROAD, TOLWORTH, SURREY’Phone : ELMBRIDGE, 5900. ’Grams : Siebe, Surbiton.xiiWOUNDS,BURNS etc.HEAL RAPIDLY andT TURN SEPTICIF TREATED WITHOINTMENTBECAUSE one or other or all of the three races of germs, Streptococci,Staphylococci, and B.pyocy'aneus are found in every skin in-fection common to this country, and ANTIPEOL OINTMENTcontains the antibodies (antivirus) of these germs. Healing isexpedited by the proved ingredients of the ointment, andseptic development is stopped or prevented by its antivirussterile vaccine filtrates ANTIPEOL OINTMENT is unsur-passed for BURNS and SCALDS, for it is microbicide and non-adhesive, and dressings do not require to be changed every day.RHINO-ANTBPEOLaffords rapid relief of COMMON COLDS, INFLUENZA, ANDCATARRH. Containing the antibodies of the germs commonto infections of the nose and pharynx (Staphylococci, Strepto-cocci, B. pyocyaneus, pneurnococci, pneumobacilli, entero-cocci, M.catarrhalis, B. Pfeiffer), Rhino-Antipeol is not just apalliative, but is a remover of the cause of the infection. Duringepidemics it is the ideal preventative of microbic development.OPHTHALMO-ANTBPEOLis a semi-fluid 'ointment, more convenient than the ordinaryAntipeol ointment for ocular infections and lesions. Eyesaffected by smoke and dust are soothed almost immediatelyby the application of Ophthalmo-Antipeol, and the antivirusprevents germs from developing.C l i n i c a l Samples on r e q u e s t f r o mMEDICO-BIOLOGICAL LABORATORIES LTD.CARGREEN ROAD, SOUTH NORWOOD, LONDON, S.E.25x iLEWIS’S 51 EUSton 4282 (5 lines)I ISCIENCE DEPARTMENTLarge Stock available of New and Standard Scientific Literature,English and Foreign. A representative Stock of Books on Chemistry-Pure and Applied, Physics, Mathematics, Astronomy, Biology,Psycho logy , Engineer in g .SECONDlHAND BOOKS: 140 Gower St.Large Stock always of charge. Large or small Collections bought.Books sought for and reportedSCIENTIFIC LENDING LIBRARYANNUAL, SUBSCRIPTION-from ONE GUINEAThe LIBRARY is useful to SOCIETIES and INSTITUTIONS, andto those engaged on SPECIAL RESEARCH WORK, etc. The Libraryincludes all Recent and Standard works in all branches of Medical andGeneral Science. Every work is the latest edition.READING and WRITING ROOM (first floor) open daily. NewBooks and New Editions are added to the Library and are availableto subscribers immediately on publication.Catalogue of the Library, revised to December, 1943; containing aClassified List of Authors and Subjects.To Subscribers 12s. 6d. net ; postage 8d.To Non-subscribers 25s. net ; postage 8d.Prospectus Post Free on Application.Lewis’s Bi-Monthly List of Additions to the Library will be sent freeto any address regularly.STATIONERY DEPARTMENT : Scientific and General.H. K. LEWIS & Co. Ltd.136 GOWER STREET, LONDON, W.C.1x


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