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期刊: Annual Reports on the Progress of Chemistry  (RSC Available online 1932)
卷期: Volume 29, issue 1  

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年代: 1932




出版商: RSC


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INDEX OF SUBJECTS.ABIETIC ACID, Structure Of, 159.Acetobacter xylinurn, action of, onAcetone, decomposition of, 44.Acetone, pentabromo-, determinationAcetylene, molecular structure of,polymerisation of, 112.photopolymerisation of, 52. .photochemical action of waterAcetylenic compounds, 105.Acids, production of, by moulds, 271.fatty, determination of, by con-ductometric titration, 224.unsaturated, lactonisation of, 107.Aconitic acids, cyano-, esters, 144.Actinium-C gnd -C’, a-particles from,Actinon, a-particles from, 31 1.Activity coefficients of electrolytes,Adiabatic processes, distinction of,lEtiomesobilirubin, 2 18.Ztioporphyrins, 211, 212.Agathic acid, structure of, 161.Alantolactones, structure of, 158.Alcohols, aliphatic, photo-oxidationof, 51.Aldehydes, photodecomposition of,48.unsaturated, formation of aldolsby, 115.Aliphatic compounds, 96.Alkali halides, handling of, withexclusion of air, 78.pozyhalides, 78.sulphites, photo-oxidation of solu-tions of, 51.Alkaloids, 178, 196.berberine, 179.cinchona, 183.ergot, 196.morphine, 17 9.papaverine, 179.quinoline, 17 8.isoquinoline, 179.glucose, 135.of, 237.63.with, 52.309.24.from non-adiabatic, 39.strychnos, 200.Alkanasul, 294.Alkyl chlorides, action of, withsodium vapour, 43.iodides, photodecomposition of, 50.Alloys, low-temperature, 79.Ally1 bromides, g-substituted, re-action of, with Grignard reagents,102.Aluminium, disintegration of, 16.halides, and their ammines, 80.determination of, with 8-hydroxy-quinoline, 232.Amethyst, 286.Amines, reactions of, 237.Ammonia, molecular structure of,Amphiboles, 290.Amylase, activation of, by sulphurAnalysis, colorimetric, 225.62.photodecomposition of, 50.compounds, 269.conductometric titration, 223.fluorescence, 227.inorganic,, 236.quantitative, by separation ofhydroxides, 220.Andesite, Hungarian, 282.Anionotropy, 145.Anorthoclase, 292.Anthocyanins, 194, 267.nitrogenous, 195.Anthracene, structure of, 170.catalytic hydrogenation of, 164.Antimony trichloride, action of am-Apples, ripening and storage of, 265.Apple trees, calcium deficiency in,258.Ardealite, 294.Arsenic pentafluoride, physical pro-perties of, 87.Arsenic, detection of, with mercurybromide paper, 229.Arsenoklasi te , 29 3.Artemisin, structure of, 156.Ascorbic acid, 252.Ashtonite, 288.Aspergillus niger, nutrition of, 270.monia with, 85.Polyantimonides, 85.nitrogen distribution in, 264.production of acids by, 272.33INDEX OF SUBJECTS.335Atomic nucleus, structure of, 13.Atomic weight of boron, 305.of cssium, 303.of lithium, 304.of tellurium, 303.Atomic weights, standard for, 305.Atoms, electronegative character of,tercovalent, racemisation of, 64.19.Bacteria in coal, 295.Bacterium Sewanse, 287.Balances, 276.Barium, isotopes of, 304.Bavenite, 289.Beckmann reaction, 64.Beetroots, colouring matters of, 195.sugar, distribution of mineralnutrients in growth of, 259.Benzanthrene, structure of, 169.2:3-Benzanthracene, structure of, 165.Benzanthrone, structure of, 169.Benzene, structure of, 20.photobromination of, 52.photochemical action of, withhezachloride, structure of, 67.chlorine, 52.Benzene, chloro-2:4-dinitro-, reactionsof, 237.8 - Benzenesulphonylethylamino- 1 -ethylquinolinium iodide, resolu-tion of, 181.Benzenesulphonyl-8-nitronaphthyl-glycine, resolution of, 181.Benzoinoxime as analytical reagent,230.Berberine alkaloids, 179.Bergapten, structure of, 191.Beryl from Erythrza, 288.Beryllium, pure, 79.isotopes of, 303.bombardment of, by a-part,icles, 14.emission of neutrons from, minerals, 277.Fluoberyllates, 79.Betanidin, 196.Betanin chloride, 195.Bile acids, 178.pigments, 216.Bilirubic acids, 216.Biochemistry, animal, 239.plant, 254.Biotite, 291.Bisabolene trihydrochloride, synthesisof, 153.Bisabolol, synthesis of, 153.Bismuth oxide and sulphide, equili-brium of, 85.Polybismuthides, 85.Bismuth, det,ection of, 231.determination of, with cupferron,234.Bixbyite, 294.Bixin, structure of, 120.Blood, determination in, of mag-Bone, mineral constitution of, 293.Boron, atomic weight of, 305.emission of neutrons by, 306.crystalline, 80.trifluoride, physical properties of,hydrides, compounds, 103.determination of, 221.hydrate, 87.oxides, 76.nesium, 232.87.Bromine fluorides, 87.Brucine, constitution of, 200.Brucinolic acid, 202.Brucinolone, 202.Brucinonic acid, 202.Bultfonteinite, 289.Bustamite, 290.Butadiene, /I-chloro-.See Chloro-prene.108.Butadienes, polymerisation of, 113.addition of hydrogen bromide to,Cadmium, determination of, 229, 233.Caesium, atomic weight of, 303.perbromide, 78.Calciferol, 253.Calcium ferrites, 90.oxide, bacterial precipitation of,287.Calt?itropsis araucarioides, triene-carboxylic acid from wood oilof, 117.Camphor, determination of, 238.Cancer, production of, by hydro-carbons, 246.Cannabinol, and its lactone, and itshydroxy- and nitro-derivatives,191.Cannabinolactonic acid, 192.Cannabis indica. See under Hemp,Indian.Carbamic acid, dithio-, complexferric salts of, 89.Carbethoxyglutaconic acids, esters,tautomerism of, 143.a-Carbethoxy-8-phenylglutaconicacid, ethyl ester, tautomerismCarbohydrates, photochemical pro-duction of, 52.Carbon tetrabromide, molecular struc-ture of, 63.tetrachloride, molecular structureof, 63.distance between chlorine atomsin, 68.of, 144336 INDEX OF SUBJECTS.Carbon monoxide, structure of, 18.pure, preparation of, 82.flame spectrum of, 58.burning, flame temperature of,infra-red rays from flames of, 56.moist, oxidation of, 46.photochemical action of, withammonia and amines, 52.dioxide, molecular structure of, 61.disulphide, flame spectrum of, 58.Carbonyl compounds, determinationselenide and sulphide, 82.sulphide, photodecomposition of,Carotene and vitamin-A, 249.action of antimony chloride on,249.&Carotene, 123.Castanite, 294.Catalase in plants, 268.Cells, photo-electric, 226.Cellulose, structure of, 127.synthesis of, 135.degradation of, 131.action of bacteria on, 296.cotton and wood, homogeneity of,Cement, magnesia, 278.Portland, determination in, of mag-nesium, 232.Centrifuge, separating vessels for, 276.Cereal straw, effect of potassium onstiffness of, 257.Chamosite, 29 1.Cherries, ripening of, 266.Chlorine, photochemical action of,with benzene, 52.with hydrogen, 50.55.of, 238.50.130.hydrate, 87.monoxide, molecular structure of,62.photodecomposition of, 50.dioxide, photodecomposition of, 48.Chlorites, 291.Chloroform, distance between chlor-Cldoroprene, addition of hydrogenCholesterol, 178.Chromium :-ine atoms in, 68.chloride to, 109.photodecomposition of, 52.synthetic rubber from, 124.Chromous iodide, 86.Perchromic acid, structure of, 86.Chromium, detection of, in mica, 291.Chrysanthemin, 267.Chrysene, structure of, 167.Cmchona alkaloids, stereochemistryCinnamyl chloride, Grignard reactionof, 183.with, 145.Citral, determination of, 238.Citric acid, formation of, by moulds,Citrulline, 244.Clays, 292.Japanese acid,, vanadium in, 292.Climate, effect of, on plant con-stituents, 261.Clkoptilolite, 288.Coal, origin of, 296.iodine in, 295.resins in, 297.brown, 297.Cobalt bases, 91.carbonyls, 89.Cobalt, detection of, 231.determination of, with a-nit,roso-j3-naphtho1, 235.Colorimeters, 225.a- and j3-Colubrines, 205.Conchoporphyrin, 21 1.Coniine, configuration of, 182.Co-pigments, 267.Copper sulphate pentahydrate, de-hydration of, 42.Copper, detection of, 231.determination of, 230, 233, 234.Coprobilirubin, 218.Coproporphyrin, 2 1 1.Coronadite, 294.Coronene, synthesis of, 171.Corrosion of metals, 77.Corynanthe johimbe, alkaloids from,Curynanthine , 207.Crassulchcece, carbohydrate metabol-Creedite, 294.Crocetin, structure of, 120.Crotonic acid, ethyl ester, addition273.207.ism of, 265.of ammonia and amines to.107.Cryptopyrrole, 210.Cub& 189.Cupferron as analytical reagent, 234.Cuprotungstite, 294.Cyanin, synthesis of, 194.Cyanogen, photopolymerisation of,52.fluoride, 82.Cyanates, detection of, 235.Cyciic compounds, energy relationsCyrtolite, age of, 283.of, 64.Dacites in Bohemia, 282.Danburite, 288.Decalin, preparation of, 152./3-Decalin derivatives, equilibria of,Decarboxyrisic acid, 187.n-Decatetraenol, 118.139INDEX OF SUBJECTS.337Deguelin, 189.Dehydrobilirubin, 219.Dehydrodeguelin, 190.Dehydroesermetholemethine, syn-thesis and resolution of, 199.Fhydrogeranic acid, 117.Derris extracts as insecticides, 189.Derrzk elliptica, poison from, 186.Derrisic acid, 187.Derritol, 188.Desethoxy dehydroeseretholemethine,199.Deuteroaetioporphyrin, 212.Deuterohsemin, 2 1 1.Deuteroporphyrin, 2 1 1, 2 14.Dialkyldithiocarbamates as analyti-cal reagents, 233.Diamines, aliphatic, as analyticalreagents, 233.Diamond, synthesis of, 283.Diazoacetic acid, ethyl ester, photo-decomposition of, 52.1 : 2 : 5 : 6-Dibenzanthracene, car-cinogenesis by, 247.Diethyldithiocarbamic acid, sodiumsalt, as analytical reagent, 233.apiro-5 : 5-Dihydantoin, resolution of,180.Dihydroiaoalantolactone, 157.1 : 2-Dihydroeremophilone, 2-hydr-p-Dihydrorotenone, 190.Dlhydroyobyrine, 209.Dimethylglyoxime as analytical re-Dinordeoxyeseroline, 198.Diopside, 290.Diphen y 1, o -fluoro - 0’- amino - , st ruc -ture of, 70.o-Diphenyl derivatives, optical activ-ity of, 69.Diquinolinoplatinous chlorides, is0 -meric, 93.Dolomite, 287.Dumortierite from India, 289.Dyes, action of, on enzymes, 246.Demi-helion,” 307.OXY-, 155.agent, 230.Earth, distribution of elements incrust of, 277.Earths, rare, basicity of, 81.bivalent compounds of, 75.Elecampane root, bitter principle of,157.Electrochemistry and quantum mech-anics, 34.Electrolytes, Raman spectra of, 23.minerals of interior of, 282.activity coefficients of, 24.thermochemistry of, 29.heats of(li1utiy of, 27, 30.strong, true dissociation of, 21.Elements, disintegration of, by pro-tons, 13, 307.Nos.85 and 87,300.Elsholtxione, 192.Enargite, 285.Enzymes of plants, 268.Equilibria in various systems, 93.Equol, 242.Eremphila M itchelli, ketones from,Eremophilone, and 2-hydroxy-, 155.Ergot alkaloids, 196.Ergotamine, 196.Ergotaminine, 196.Ergotinines, 197.Ergotoxine, 197.5-Ethoxy-3-methyl-3-/3-phthalimido-Ethyl bromide, decomposition of, 44.Ethylene, molecular structure of, 63.dichloride, Raman spectrum of, 66.chlorohydrin, activation of enzymesEthylene, dichloro-, equilibrium oftetrachloro-, photochlorination of,Ethylenediamine as analytical re-agent, 233.E t hylte traisoam ylammonium, 22 5.Eudesmol, structure of, 153.Euonymua atropurpureus, furan-8-carboxylic acid from, 193.Eyes, fatigue of, in colorimetry, 225.154.e t hy lindolenine, 1 9, 268.isomerides of, 66.51.Felspar, 292.Ferroanthophyllite, 291.Ferrobilin, 2 19.Fervanite, 293.Fish poisons.See under Poisons.Flames, 52.Flavylium perchlorates, 4’-amino-,Fluoberyllates. See under Beryllium.Fluorapatite, 293.Fluorescent “ stick,” 227.Fluoric acid.See under Fluorine.Fluorine, disintegration of, 16.ionisation in, 53.highly diluted, 55.196.oxides, 76.Fluorides, complex, 87.Hypofluorous acid, 87.Fluoric acid, 87.Fluorine, determination of, withboron in organic substances, 223.Fluorite, radioactive, 285.Fluorosulphonic acid, 85.Fluotitanates. See under Titanium.Formaldehyde, molecular structurephotochemical formation of, 52.of, 63338 INDEX OF SUBJECTS.Formaldehyde, formation of o-tolyl-carbinol from, 146.Fruit, changes during ripening andstorage of, 265.Fruit trees, nitrogen distribution in,264.Fuchsite, 291.Furan derivatives, 192.Furan-fl-carboxylic acid, synthesis of,Furfuraldehyde, determination of,Furfuryl chloride, action of, with193.238.potassium cyanide, 116.Gadolinite, 289.Galaxite, 286.Gallium, distribution of, 277.compounds, 81.trimethyl etherato, 98.Geiger-Muller counter for particles,Geochemistry, 275.Germanium dioxide, 82.Gennanates, 82.Germanium alkyls, 98.Glaucobilin, 2 19.Glaucocerinite, 294.Glucosides, anthocyanin, 194.Glutaconic acids, 140.Glutathione in plants, 269.Glycogen, structure of, 127.Gold ores, 284.Granite, 281.crystallisation of, 282.radium content of, 283.$aphite, 284.Green-earth ” in the Tyrol, 288.Grignard reaction, abnormal cases of,145.Grignard reagents, 99.Grunerite, 291.314.Hamatoporphyrin, 211.214.Haemin, constitution of, 210.Hsmoglobin, 215.Hamopyrrole, 210.Halides, heats of activation ofreactions of sodium with, 56.Hashish, 191.Heat of dilution of electrolytes, 27,30.Hedenbergite, 290.Helenin, 157.Helium, structure of nuclei of, 15.77.Helvite, 289.Hemp, Indian, constituents of, 191.Hessite, 285.Heterocyclic compounds, 178.Heulandite, dehydration of, 292.liquid, use of, for low temperatures,Hexabenzobenzene. See under Coro-Hexadienal, 115.cycZoHexadiene, dimeride of, 112.trans-Hexnhydrohydrindene deriv-atives, equilibria of, 139.Hexatriene ap-dibromide, isomeris-ation of, 116.Hexenoic acids, addition of hypo-chlorous acid to, 106.isoHexenonitrile, 137.Hexuronic acid, 252.Hirsutin, synthesis of, 194.Hirsutone, constitution of, 195.d-p-Homocamphor, preparation of,Homocyclic compounds, 136.Homopimanthrene, 160.Homoretene, 160.Hormones, follicular, 240,, secondary, 239.testicular, 241.Hornblende, 290.Hydrazine, photodecompcsit i on of,Hydrocarbons, production of cancerHydrofluophosphoric acid.See undcrHydrogen, isotopes of, 77, 302.boiling point and vapour pressureflame spectrum of nit,rous oxideinfra-red rays from flames of, 56.burning, flame temperature of, 55.photochemical reaction of, withexplosion of mixtures of oxygenortho- and para-, 74.peroxide, new form of, 77.photolysis of solutions of, 52.sulphide, molecular structure of,flame spectrum of, 59.Hydrogen ions, change of fluores-cence with concentration of, 228.Hydromagnesite, 287.Hypofluorous acid. See under, 246.Phosphorus.of, 78.and, 59.polycyclic, 163.chlorine, 50.and, 46.61.Indene, dimeric, 1 11.Indicators, fluorescent, 228.Indole-2 : 3-dicarboxylic acid, 5 : 7-dinitro-, 201.Insecticides, derris root, 189.Inulin, structure of, 127, 130.Iodine in coal and water, 295.“ Ion-association ” theory, 25.nitrate, 88INDEX OF SUBJECTS.339Ipoh, 186.Iron. equilibria of cementation of, 90.corrokon of, 88.effect of chromates on, 86.oxides, equilibria of, with other’ oxides, 279.carbonyls, 89.ores, oxide, 287.Steel, equilibria in production of,determination in, of cobalt, 235.Iron, separation of, 235.Isoprene, action of acetic acid on,in presence of sulphuric acid,151.Isotopes, 301.Itaconic acid, formation of, by Asper-90.gillua itaconicus, 273.Joaquinite, 289.Kaolin, synthesis of, 292.Katangite, 289.Ketohydroxyczstrin, 240.Ketoyobyrine, 209.Kinetics, chemical, 39.Klebelsbergite, 294.Kolbeckin, 285.Kolm, age of, 283.Krausite, 294.Krypton, atomic radius of, 67.halides, 77.determination of, 296.“ Kupferpecherz,” 2 89.Lake water. See under Water.Lamps for photochemistry, 47.Lanthanum alloys, 81.Lava of Mt.Pelhe, 281.Lead, isotopes of, rocks, 283.tetrachloride, action of ammoniaon, 83.oxides, 83.tetraethyl, thermal decompositiondetermination of, 234.of, 99.Legrandite, 293.Lessingite, 289.Letovicite, 294.Leucophosphite, 293.Linkings, chemical, 17.multiple, heats of formation of, 73.Linoleic acids, selective hydrogen-ation of, 110.Linseed oil, utilisation of, by moulds,273.Liparite, Crimean, 281.Lithium, atomic weight of, 304.isotopes of, 304.Lithium, emission of neutrons by, 307.disintegration of, 307.chloride, solid solutions of, 78.alkyls, 98.Lycopenal, 122.Lycopene, structure of, 122.Lycoris squamzgera, fructosidesLycoroside, 265.from, 264.Magnesiosussexite, 294.Magnesium sulphides, 79.alkyl halides, 100, 101.Magnesium, determination of, withMagnetic moments, nuclear, 17.Maize, effect of fertilisers on sap of,Malvin, synthesis of, 194.Malvone, constitution of, 195.Manganese oxides, 88.Manganese, determination of, 234.Margarite, 291.Medlars, Japanese, ripening of, 266.Melsnterite, 294.Melons, water, citrulline from, 244.Menthone, determination of, 238.Mercury, isotopes of, 304.8-hydroxyquinoline, 232.261.solution of metals in, 79.diethyl, thermal decomposition of,determination of, with e thylenedi-mercurous, determination of, with99.amine, 233.cupferron, 234.Mesobilirubin, 216.Mesobilirubinogen, 2 16.Mesoporphyrins, 2 1 1.Metals, solubility of, in mercury, 79.corrosion and passivity of, 77.quantitative separation of, ashydroxides, 220.Meteoric iron, 297.Meteorites, 297.Methane, movement of flame inmixtures of air and, 54.4-Methylisoborneol, 148.8-Methylbutadiene, y-chloro-, asrubber precursor, 125.a- and 8-Methylcamphenes, 148./?-Met hy lcro t onalde h y de , self -c on -densation of, 11 6.Methyldecalins, preparation of, 152.Methylene dichloride, distance be-tween chlorine atoms in, 68.Methyleneazomethines, 145.Met h ylfurfuraldeh y de, determinationof, 238.Metrubrene, 176.Mica, 291.Minerals, specific gravity and hard-ness of, 276340 INDEX OFMinerals, metamorphism of, 281.age of, 283.halide, 285.oxide, 278, 286.phosphate, 293.silicate, 288.sulphate, 294.sulphide, 285.Mineralogical tables, 276.Molecules, structure of, from spectra,X-ray and diffraction data, 59.“ polarisation,” 19.Molybdenum sesquisulphide, 86.Molybdates, determination of, withMolybdenum cyanides, complex, 86.Monazite, age of, 283.Monochromators, 46.Montmorillonite, 292.Morphine alkaloids, 179.Mottramite, 293.Moulds, growth and metabolism of,Muds, 296.Mulberry leaves, sap from, 261.Muscovite, hydrothermal prepar-benzoinoxime, 230.270.ation of, 280.Nagatelite, 289.2’ : 3’-Naphtha-2 : 3-phenanthrene,structure of, 167./?-Naphthol, a-nitroso-, as analyticalreagent, 235.Narcotine in fruit and vegetables,251.Neon, isotopes of, 303.Nepheline, 289.Neutrons, 14, 305.Nickel, bivalent, structure of, 91.phosphides, 9 1.carbonyls, 90.determination of, with dimethyl-Nicouic acid, 190.Nitriles, ethylenic, synthesis of, 116.Nitrogen trichloride, photodecom-monoxide, molecular structure of,flame spectrum of hydrogen and,dioxide, photodecomposition of,per- or tetr-oxide, dissociation of,oxides, 84.glyoxime, 230.position of,, 198.Noresermethole, 200.Oats, distribution of mineral nutri-ents in growth of, 259.iUBJECTS.n-Octatrienol, 11 8.(Estrin, trihydroxy-, 240.OlefXc compounds, 105.Olive oi1,utilisation of, bymoulds, 273.Ooporphyrin, 21 1.Opsopyrrole, 210.Optically active compounds, deter-mination of configuration of, living matter, 64.Oranges, ripening of, 266.Orange juice, narcotine from, 25 1.Organic compounds, structure of, 20.Organo-metallic compounds, 98.Ornithine, effect of, on urea form-Osmium, isotopes of, 304.Overvol tage , 34.Oxalic acid, production of, byOxalyl derivatives, formation of, 114.“ Oxine.” See under Quinoline, 8-hydroxy-.o-Oxycarbanil, 208.Oxycyanogen, 82.Oxygen, explosion of mixtures ofn- and iao-Oxyrubrenes, 176.Ozone, molecular structure of, 62.photodecomposition of, 50, 51.detection of, 234.ation, 244.moulds, 273.hydrogen and, 46.Palladium compounds, structure of,detection of, 231.determination of, with a-nitroso-p-naphthol, 235.91.Pallasite, 298.Papaverine alkaloids, 179.a-Particles, analysis of groups of, 309.Passivity of metals, 77.Peaches, ripening and storage of, 265.Pear trees, Bartlett, nitrogen distri-bution in, 264.Pelargonin, synthesis of, 194.PenicilZium pbemclum, production ofacids by, 273.Pentamethylenedithiocarbamic acid,piperidine salt, as analytical re-agent, 234.5 : 6-cycloPenteno-1 : 2-benzanthra-cene, carcinogenesis by, 247.cycZoPentylideneacetic acid, ethylester, tautomerism of, 138.Peonin, synthesis of, 194.Permutites, base exchange in, 293.Persulphates.See under Sulphur.Perylene, structure of, 168.Petroleum, origin of, 297.Petrology, 280.Peucedanin, 19 1.Peucedarcum oficinale, poison from,191INDEX OF SUBJECTS. 341Pharmaceutical preparations, evalu-determination in, of copper, 234.Phenacyl esters, detection of, 237.Phenanthrene, structure of, 166.Phenanthrenes, synthesis of, 152.Phenanthripyridine alkaloids, 179.Phenylcrotononitrile, 137.a-Phenylethylamine, co&guration of,Phenylpentadienal, 115.Phlogopite, 29 1.Phosphorus trihydride, photodecom-position of, 50.trioxide, action of water on, 84.pentoxide, determination of, colori-metrically, 226.Hydrofluophosphoric acid, 84.Photochemistry, 46.Photodissociation, 47.Phyllopyrrole, 2 10.Physostigmine, 197.Pickeringite, 294.Pigments, cadmium-red, analysis of,Pimanthrene, 152.Pimanthrenequinone, 152.d-Pimaric acid, structure of, 159,a-Pipecoline, configuration of, 182.Piperine as mounting medium forminerals, 276.Plancheite, 289.Plants, effect of climate on con-stituents of, 261.mineral nutrients and growth of,254.intake and distribution of mineralnutrients by, 259.anthocyanin pigmenb of, 267.carbohydrates in, 264.enzymes of, 268.nitrogenous constituents of, of, 260.growth of, in relation to boron, relation to calcium, 258.and nitrogen assimilation, relation to potassium, 256.Platinum compounds, structure of, 91.ores, 284.Diamminoplatinous chloridea, iso-ation of,, 92.Plums, ripening of, 266.Poisons, fish, 186.Polyene-carboxylic acids, reductionof, 119.Polysaccharides, 126.Porphvrins, 211.Potas&rn chloride, conversion of, intonitrate, 78.pemulphate, photodecompositionof, 52.Potato plants, sap of, 261.Potatoes, activation of enzymes of,Predissociation, 47.Pregnandiol, 341.Propionaldehyde, photodecomposi-6-i8oPropyl-l: 2-benzanthraceneY car-o-Propyltoluene, 112.Protoactinium, chemistry of, 312.Protons, disintegration by, 13,307.Protoporphyrin, 211.Psittacinite, 293.Puberulic acid, 273.Pulegone, determination of, 238.Pumpellyite, 289.Pyroaurite, 287.Pyrocalciferol, 253.Pyroxenes, 290.Pyrroaetioporphyrin, 2 12.Pyrrole, pigments from, 209.Pyrroporphyrin, 212.268.tion of, 48.cinogenesis by, 247..Quartz, temperature of formation of,Quinaldine, synthesis of, 179.Quinine, photo-oxidation of, 51.Quinoline, 8-hydroxy-, as analyticalQuinoline alkaloids, 178.isoQuinoline alkaloids, 179.286.reagent, 231.Radicals, transformations of, 97.Radioactinium, a-particles from, 3 10.Radioactive constants, 308.Radioactivity, 299.of minerals, 283.Radium in granite and lava, 283.Radium-C’, a-particles from, 309.y-rays from, 310.Rain water.See under Water.Rays, cosmic, 313.y-Rays, emission of, 16.Reactions, additive, 105.Reagents, organic, for inorganicRefractivity in relation to structuralResin acids, 159.Resonance, 16.Retene, 152.Rhenium, 74.oxides, 88.Rhodium dioxide, 91.Rhodoporphyrin, 2 12.Rings, oxide, in natural products, 186.Ripidolite, 291.Risk acid, 187.River water.See under, 96.chain, 45.analysis, 229.mobility, 114342 INDEX OF SUBJECTS.Rocks, analyses of, 280.Roeblingite, 294.Romanechite, 294.Rosickyite, 284.Rotenone, constitution of, 186.Rotenonic acid, 190.Rotenonone, structiire of, 189.Rubanols, stereoisomerism of, 185.Rubber, structure of, 123.volcanic, from Uganda, 38 1.synthetic,, action of hydrogen per-oxide on, 124.Rubidium periodide, 78.Rubrene, 173.Ruthenium, isotopes of, 304.Salicylaldoxiiiie ils analytical re-Salt domes, 285.Saluia sclareu, sclareol froin, 163.Samarium, radioactivity of, 299.Sanbornite, 289.Santonin, determination of, 238.Sapogenins, structure of, 163.Sarcolite, 289.Schairerite, 294.Sclareol, structure of, 163.Sea water.See under Water.Secretin, 242.Seeds, catalase in, in relation t oagent, 229.pans, 285.germination, 268.nitrogen exchange in, 263.ties of, 85.dioxide as oxidising agent, 86.Selenites, 86.Serandite, 289.Serendibite, 288.Sesquiterpenes, 152.Siderolite, 298.Silicon tetrachloride, molecular struc-ture of, 63.dioxide, volatility of, in steam, 278.Silicic acids, 82.Silicates, 82, 278, 288.structure of, 76.79.Selenium hydride, physical proper-Silver, molten, solution of oxygen in,compounds, bivalent, 75.ores, 284.Smalt, analysis of, 235.Sobralite, 290.Sodalite, 289.Sodium, conductivity of, in liquidammonia, 37.heats of activation of reactions ofhalides with, 56.phosphates, 84.ethyl and methyl, 99.Soils, 296.Solids, reactions of, 4 1 .Sorbic acid, reduction of, 119.addition of hypochlorous acid to,109.Sorbic acids, reaction of, withhydrogen, 109.Sorbyl chloride, action of, withpotassium cyanide, 116.Soya beans, mineral nutrition of, 259.germinating, nitrogen exchange in,263.Spadaite, 289.Spectra, flame, 57.molecular, 59.Itaman, of eleclrolytes, 23.Spectrographs, 59.Spinels, 76, 277.Stannite, 285.Starch, structure of, 127.hydrolysis of, 134.Stearolic acid, hydration of, 107.Steel. See under Iron.Stereoc hemis try, 64.Steric hindrance, 21.Strontium, isotopes of, 304.Strychnidines, 204.Strychnine, constitution of, 300.$-Strychnine, 205.Strychnos alkaloids, 200.Sub-atornic phenomena, 299.Sugars, analysis of, 237.Sulphur, flame spectrum of, 5s.of heterocyclic compounds, 180.distribution of, 277.dioxide, molecular structure of, 6 1 .Sulphitcs, oxidation of, in solution,Persu lpha tes, determination of,Thiosulphates, detection of, in235.iodomet,rically, 236.presence of sulphur oxy-acids,233.Sulvanite, 286.Supercondiictivity, 77.Systems, various, equilibria in, 93.Tables of isotopes, 301.mineralogical, 276.Tautomerism, 136.three-carbon, 136.Tektites, 297.Tellurium, atomic weight of, 303.hydride, physical properties of, 85.Tephrosiu, poisons from species of,189.Tephrosin, 189.Terpenes, 147.Testicles, substance increasing tissuepermeability from, 243.Tetraisoamy lammonium iodide, con -ductonietric titration of, withethylsodium, 225INDEX OF SUBJECTS.343Tetrahydropapaverine, synthesis of,180.Te trame t h y ldiaminodipheny lme thaneas analytical reagent, 234.Tetramethyltetrapropylporphyrin,212.Thallium triethyl, 98.Thianthren, and its disulphoxides,structure of, 185.Thiocyanic acid, complex ferroussalts, 89.Thiosulphates. See under Sulphur.Thorium, ranges of a-particles from,310.Thorium-C, a-particles and y-raysThorium-C', a-particles from, 309.Thucholite, age of, 283.Tin :-nitride, 83.from, 311.Stannic bromide and chloride,molecular structure of, 63.chloride, action of ammonia on,83.Tin, determination of, with cup-Tissues, determination in, of boron,Titanium tetrachloride, molecularStannous nitrate, 83.ferron, 234.222.structure of, 63.iodates, complex, 83.Fluotitanates, 83.Titanium, determination of, withcupferron, 234.Tomatoes, calcium deficiency in, 358.Tourmalines, black, 288.Toxicarol, 189.Tremolite, 290, 29 1.Trialkylarsines, 103.Trialkylstibines, 103.Tri-tert.-butylboron, 105.Triene acids, conjugated, syntJhesis of,Tricpdopentadiene, 1 13.Triphenylene, structure of, 167.Triphenylrnethyl o-tolyl ether, groupmigration in, 147.Tri-sec.-propylboron, 106.Tuba root, 186.Tubaic acid, constitution of, 168.Tubatoxin, 186.Tungsten in Bolivia, 277.carbides, 87.oxychloride, 87.Tungstates, determination of, 234.10-Tungstogermanic acid, salts of,Turquoise, 293.117.82.A'-Undecylenic acid, addition ofhydrogen bromide to, 107.Uranium, detection of, by fluor-Uranium-I and -11, ranges of a-Urea, distribution of, in plants, 263.formation of, in the body, 244.Urease, action of dyes on, 246.Urine of pregnant maros, equol from,Uroporphyrins, 2 11.Uteroverdin, 219.escence, 229.particles from, 310.242.Valency, measurement of angles of,Vanadinite, Spanish, 293.Vanadium, distribution of, 277.Vanadates, detection of, 234.Vanadium organic compounds, 85.Vanadium, detection of, with di-methylglyoxime, 230.Vaterite in snail-shells, 287.Veszelyite from Momvia, 293.Vines, effect of variations in sap of,on fruit yield, 261.8-Vinylacrylic acid, addition of hypo-chlorous acid to, 109.a-Vinylcinnamic acid, 115.Vitamin-A, 248.Vitamin-B,, 250.Vitamin-C, 251.Vitamin-D, 253.Volumes, atomic and molecular, 278.Vomicine, 205.Vomicinic acid, 206.72.Walnut oil, utilisation of, by moulds,Water, molecular structure of, 6 1.natural, radioactivity of, 283.relation of iodine content of, todetermination of magnesium hard-Lake water, Japanese, 395.Rain water, formaldehyde in, 295.River water of the Mississippi, 295.Sea water, properties and con-determination in, of copper, 234.Well water, E.Indies, magnesiumiodide in, 295.273.goitre, 295.noss of, 232.stituents of, 295.Wavellite, blue, 293.Well water. See under Water.Wheat, mineral nutrition of, 259.Wilson cloud-chamber, 314.Wischnewite, 289.Wurtz reaction, 100.Xanthobilirubic acids, 217.Xanthotoxin, structure of, 191344 INDEX OF SUBJECTS.Xenon, determination of, 296.Yobyrine, 207.Yohimbene, 207.Yohimbines, 207.Yohimboaic acid, 208.Yohimbols, 207.Ytterbium halides, 81.Zeolites, 292.Zinc, effect of, on growth of Asper-gillus niger, 271.chloride, pure, 79.Zirconium bromides, 75.Zirconium, determination of, withcupferron, 234.Zunyite, 288


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